Should We Expect Less This Christmas?

There was a recent report done about the number of chocolates that you would be getting in a tin of Rosesâ„¢ chocolates for Christmas this year, which showed that on average, there would be two less chocolates per tin in the year of 2011. Of course, the price has not dropped and consumers are suggesting that corporations, which are trying to make themselves more money, are ripping them out of more money. However, with the current health problems our country is in, with an incredulous amount of overweight children, teens and adults across the board, is it not sensible for the levels of chocolaty, sugary goods to be reduced at the time of year where we consume the most?

Of course, two chocolates per box is not a fantastic start. If there were ten chocolates less, then perhaps it would make a real difference to a weight-gain situation over the Christmas period. However, that would lead to a greater uproar than has already been received. Therefore two seems like a reasonable start.

There is always that moment, which I believe most people have had, whereupon they reach for the last chocolate because they “don’t want to see it go to waste”. Imagine now, that that last chocolate was two, three, four chocolates prior. Admittedly it is not a gargantuan change, however it is a start. Now take in to consideration that people overbuy for Christmas, for those just-in-case moments. Just in case there is too heavy a snowfall to leave the house. Just in case all of the family decide to come over last-minute. Just in case the shop runs out the next time we come. There is always going to be an overhaul at Christmas, which needs to be eaten. It seems fair enough to take just two chocolates per tin out of the equation.

But then why should it stop there? Why not rear turkeys that are a few pounds lighter? Why not make Christmas cakes that are a few centimetres thinner? Why not have five mince pies per pack instead of six? And why even stop at Christmas. We could, potentially, make Easter Eggs lighter. Ration Halloween sweet-giving. Limit Valentine’s splendour. Throughout the year we could see our weight-gain intake reduce dramatically by stopping one treat earlier than we usually have.

I am not suggesting that people should be getting swindled out of a few extra pennies this Christmas, by all means the prices should be reduced if we are to get less for our money. However, I am of the firm opinion that our country, as it stands, is in a bad way. There are too many cases of overweight, leading on to obese, people – of all ages – throughout our country. And if we want to make a start at changing ourselves, a concept that usually plays its part with people after the New Year celebrations, would it not make good sense to lighten the load we need to remove, before we even make a start?

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