Sanctuary Day, Chinese Night & Sunday Brunch

The end of my two weeks off work was rapidly approaching and I was looking forward to a treat for myself on the Friday – the Sanctuary in Covent Garden. I managed to get a ‘Flash sale’ offer which was rather a bargain via Facebook. Here I was feeling sorry for myself post holiday (I still had nearly a week off in London) and decided that I would be mad not to take them up on this offer of a full day in the Spa plus a one hour treatment for well under £100. I like bargains (that will be my next blog – how to live life cheaply in London) it was raining too so why not.

It is the most beautiful ‘ladies’ spa in town. I am used to one floor complete with treatment rooms, spa, sauna, pool – this one had 4 floors and was quite a maze. I spent most of my time relaxing in the Koi Carp lounge – full of Koi Carp (surprisingly) lazing and wishing I was back on my holiday in the blue/aquamarine waters of the Med….But it was lovely.

Sanctuary Spa MassageI also had a one hour Sanctuary Signature massage which put me at complete ease and in a state of tranquil. They even kindly threw in a ‘sleep treatment’ which consisted of a 30 minute meditation to the most relaxing music in a vibrating bed….bliss.

I stayed the whole day until late afternoon when I was really beginning to take up residence at the Sanctuary. Home time beckoned.

Nipped back home in the pouring rain and met up with flatmates – A Wong was the Restaurant near my flat in Pimlico. This is one of the cheapest and truly great finds as of late.  It is a dim sum/fusion Chinese Restaurant – very simple surroundings but the food is sublime. They even do a £12.95 menu which includes 2 courses and a glass of house red or white – bargain! It’s delicious though and you can see the chef’s show off their talents in the open kitchen. You must try the ribs for the starter which are thick and dense followed by the Beef Ho Fun Noodles.

Later  – collapsed in a heap and bed.

Sunday had a delicious brunch at The Orange in Pimlico – lovely venue part of the Thomas Cubitt chain. Posh gastropub I would describe it as. Yummy Eggs benedict and a full selection of papers – as long as they have all the papers (and the magazine supplements) I could drink coffee all day.  it started to rain again – what better than to return back to bed and continue to read all the papers and the repeats of X Factor/Big Brother – oh it’s a hard life.

That was the end of my time off. Return to work beckons…

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