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Fitness training is becoming more and more an integral part of our daily life. Gym memberships are increasing and more and more people, in particular young men, get personal trainers to help them built up their fitness on an endeavour to look healthier and increase their overall energy levels.

However, not all the time can we afford to get personalised and monitored training sessions as they may be time consuming and costly. Fitness training does not have to be confined to the gym and in particular during the summer we can enjoy outdoor sports.

There is a fantastic application on the iPhone, which can help you greatly to monitor your fitness and progress.

RunKeeper is a fantastic invention which enables you to track your runs using highly accurate GPS tracking. You can program the app to give you instructions, such as warm-ups, speed announcements, interval training and so forth. RunKeeper is also very easy to use and allows you to integrate a play list of your favourite running songs into your fitness program. You can program your runs by time or distance.

To make life really easy, all your runs are saved on the Runkeeper website where you can access the average speed, total time and distance of your run and even the change in elevation. The program automatically saves the runs by date and plots your performance over time. This gives you a very easy way to monitor your fitness and also build up a training plan.

Furthermore, you can invite your friends into your “street team” and train together, even over distance. This is a great way to motivate each other and put your training and training plan into perspective. For those who love social networking, one can also click the “like button” for facebook and automatically post your runs on your facebook wall for all your friends to see the progress of your fitness. This application has helped me greatly to monitor my fitness.

You will also need to get a iPhone Armband Case Holder to attach the iphone to your arm whilst you are running.

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