Royal Baby Fever

With yet another celebrity having a baby it seems everywhere you turn people are getting pregnant on the celeb scene.  2013 is the year for expectant celebs.  Kim and Kanye, Jordan and Kieran and of course the most prestigious of them all Kate and Wills.  No longer is it about matching heels and Hermes but about whose baby is going to win the style awards at the next toddler tea party.

Since the elusive 50 Shades of Grey… (I know, I know it’s so 2012) the amount of babies born has increased from 723,913 in 2011 to 729,674 in 2012.  Ok granted it’s not a huge amount but I am intrigued as to what the final figures will be for the end of 2013!


Zara Phillips, Alesha Dixon, Caprice, Frankie Sandford, along with Rochelle Wiseman, Fergie (Black eyed peas, not rubbish Royal) and Halle Berry, to name a few.  It seems there is defiantly a baby boom on the horizon.  I think 50 Shades does have a lot to answer for!  However the book cannot be blamed wholly on this promiscuous turn of events.  In terms of us mere mortals I blame the recession on the number of babies being born.  People are staying home and making their own entertainment.  Swapping cocktails for, well another stiff serving of sorts.  No longer are we splashing out on expensive dinners and chilled Chardonnay.  Instead we have to budget our hard earned cash on M&S meal deals.  Finding other ways to amuse ourselves amidst these hard times is it any wonder so many babies are being born.  What with a sell-out fantasy favourite novel and the price of bread rocketing, we have no choice but to make our own entertainment.  Money is being spent on household entertainment and Ann Summers it would seem.  For instance 4 people in my office on the exact same team are all pregnant all due this year.  This cannot be pure coincidence; it must mean everyone has similar interests in books and likes shopping at M&S.

Up until the last few weeks we can blame the bad weather as a contributing factor to all these women becoming impregnated.  The constant stream of rain and cold for month on end does not make for a great date night.  Soggy stilettos and matted hair, not quite the romantic encounter we had in mind.  People don’t want to get dressed up and go out when there’s a thunderstorm on the horizon.  It keeps couples snuggling up with wine and DVD’s and only the sound of the rain for comfort.


It seems that although celebs have no idea what a recession is or how much the price of bread is.  Or so we would think, they seem to be taking a leaf out of us mere mortal books and making lots and lots of babies.  It’s like the swinging 60’s all over but without all the pot and tie dye.

Of course these celebs have no idea about silly things like the recession so they must just be plain horny.  The hideous weather, erotic fiction and the ever looming recession hanging over our wallets are all vast contributing factors in this year’s expression of love.  Any babies born in 2013 are literally going to be known as the 50 Shades phenomenon.  My guess is even Wills and Kate have a copy tucked away somewhere….

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