Remodelling Your Home? Updating Radiators to Fit Your Décor

Every so often the remodelling bug catches us unawares and before we know it our entire home is going through a DIY remodelling journey. If you are changing the décor to any great extent, of course you will want to update many of your radiators in rooms seeing the largest changes in styles. When changing out old radiators that have either stopped being functional or simply won’t fit your new design, there are some things you should consider before deciding which radiators to buy.

Remember that Heat Is Your Top Priority

One of the things which many homeowners overlook when updating older, non-functional radiators is that the size and style you choose needs to be able to have a certain output in BTUs in order to provide enough heat for a room. According to the Homebuilding & Renovating website, many plumbers and gas specialists don’t explain that you really don’t need such a large radiator that they are trying to sell you. Measure your room in order to calculate how many BTUs you need to put out hourly before choosing a size and the design to fit your newly remodelled room.

Cost of Reconditioning vs Buying New Radiators

Some older radiators are still functional but it takes a special expertise to safely flush and recondition them. With the low cost of today’s modern radiators, it is actually more cost effective to buy a new one many times than it would be to recondition an older period piece. Of course if you are talking about an antique radiator, you always have the option of resurfacing it for decorative appeal whilst installing a newer, energy efficient model from the large selection you will find in Warmrooms horizontal radiators collections.

Size and Space Limitations of Your Rooms

If you have size and space limitations, be careful to choose a radiator that fits within those boundaries. Keep in mind that you are not limited to those that stand on the floor as there are a number of lovely wall-mounted radiators that are just as functional yet more conducive to being installed in available space. Each radiator is rated for BTUs so there is no need to worry that you won’t be getting the right style and functionality for the area you need heated. Keep size, space and the amount of heat required in mind when making your selection.

When remodelling a room or your entire home it just might be to your advantage to change out older radiators at the same time. Why pay the cost of hiring plumbers and handymen to come out twice when it would be more time and cost effective to get it all done in one fell swoop. With the lovely radiators on the market today that fit any décor imaginable, it is really better to buy new than try to repair an older, less functional model. Just one word of caution here and that would be to make sure you get at least a ten year guarantee on any radiator you buy. Reputable dealers will provide a warranty and once that is in hand, you know you’ve made the right decision. Have fun remodelling and remember to stay warm.

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