Reasons Why You’re Unhappy with Your Current House

It’s understandable if you don’t fall in love with your new house right away. It takes time for you to get used to it. After a while, you will learn to embrace it and decide that it’s your home. 

The problem is when you give it some time, and you suspend your judgement of the place, but you still hate. At that point, you have to evaluate if it’s in your best interest to stay. Assess how you feel and determine why you’re unhappy with it.

You don’t like the neighbourhood

It’s difficult to feel comfortable in your home when you don’t like the people you live next to. If you think that you’re compromising your safety because of the neighbourhood, you won’t last long there. At some point, you will decide to leave; otherwise, your family’s security could be at risk.

The house is too small

When you purchased the home, perhaps you based your decision on the cost alone. There’s nothing wrong with being practical. However, if the place is way too small for a growing family, it won’t be suitable for you. It will be challenging for you to move around with ease. Your children might also request a room since they want privacy. You can’t stay in the same place anymore if you have outgrown it and it is uncomfortable for everyone.

It’s impossible to make changes 

When you first bought the place, you didn’t envision it staying that way forever. You knew that at some point, you would make changes. You thought of renovations that would spruce up the place. The problem is when you can’t do these changes for various reasons.

To begin with, the place isn’t spacious enough to extend the house or add another room or a backyard pool. Another reason is that you live in a city where home maintenance and repair services are too costly. You might instead do some tasks yourself rather than ask someone else to do them for you since it might cost a lot. If you can’t do anything to improve the place, you might get bored and think about leaving.

There are lots of bad memories

Your residence is a place you call home because you feel comfortable there. Even when you feel stressed outside, you immediately relax and calm down the moment you set foot in your house. If you don’t think that way anymore, it could be due to sad and painful memories due to tragedies in recent months. If you continue residing there, you will always receive a reminder of that tragic event. As such, you need to consider moving to a new place and starting over again.

You can’t force yourself to stay in a house if there’s no more joy in it. You will feel frustrated each time you arrive home from work. Look at flats to rent in Brentwood and talk to an agent who will show you around. You can finally move after finding the right place.


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