Real Men Don’t Eat Niche

Gaming and online niche gaming has grown from strength to strength. You can watch, participate and bet on a whole range of competitive games and the popularity of this has exploded. Also how do you get into these gaming arenas? – sheer practice or are there any routes you can go down to make it easier?

eSports betting is the latest craze as gamers within that environment make bets on who is in the zone within that game at that moment. Can a normal gamer who is perhaps into Call of Duty make the transition into competitive play? Is it possible to have a life as well as participate in these games?

You MUST choose a game that suits your skill set – keep getting your arse whooped at fighting games? Forget it. Seem to maintain your positions and do well in racing games? Stick to what you are naturally good at end enjoy.

Sleep is something that you may have to reduce but gamers must realise the importance of having non screen time. The best gamers know when to stop but they build up a good level of resistance and stamina. It is clear that to become a competitive gamer is a real choice and the prize money can make the choice worthwhile but there is real fierce competition out there. Electronic Arts has recently created a ‘Competitive Gaming Division’ to build upon the success of this current trend. It is unlikely that this trend will diminish or slow down so this is a clever move by EA. However, commercial sense is something EA are very good at and this can be proved by their yearly updates of their flagship FIFA game. Fifa has helped competitive play become more mainstream as it has made some Football events far more professional and created a higher level of competition.

Call of Duty is the other major franchise where online play is really serious and involves gamers buying expensive kit and becoming full time participants There are even full time YouTube bloggers who operate playing guides to these games and have a large social reach through active subscribers.

A final tip from anyone thinking of emigrating into competitive gaming is to stay motivated and join social media communities where they can stay linked to current and future games whilst also being aware of the rapidly improving competition. Sites like Reddit and really keep gamers up to date with all the very latest, competitive gaming is no longer your teenage son being locked in his room refusing to do his college work it is now a major event, businesses like Betway are now seeing this movement as real and current.

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