Progress 101: How To Move Forward In Your Life

These days, many people have grown frustrated with the reality of experiencing various plateaus. Whether the plateau is personal, professional, social, or psychological, it’s important to know that there are multiple strategies individuals can utilize to remain on track to positive growth, development, and change. Below are three strategies that individuals can utilize to become increasingly progressive:

1. Define Progress.

Your first step in making progress in your life is to determine what you think progress is. For some people, progress is about developing new skills or attaining a promotion. For other people, progress involves making their personal relationships increasingly authentic and meaningful. Other people define progress as a process through which they go from financial instability to economic security. Also note that what constitutes progress in your mind may change as you grow and develop new ways of thinking about what it means to lead a positive, meaningful life. Once you’ve defined what progress means to you, you’ll be more effective in determining which strategies you need to implement for the purpose of leading an unequivocally progressive life.

2. Plan, Plan, Plan.

Although much of life is unpredictable, it’s still true that planning is one of the primary strategies that individuals can use to work towards goals, accomplish tasks, and move forward in their lives. As a result of this reality, it’s immensely important for people seeking progress to get in the habit of planning. There are numerous planning strategies that you can utilize to become successful at both planning and realizing the goals or objectives that the planning process revolves around. Some people find it immensely helpful to make SMART goals. Goals are SMART when they are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-Specific. A sample SMART goal would be “I will lift weights for 30 minutes three times a week in order to lose one pound per week.” Another planning strategy that many people find effective is developing a budget. Other tools include using online checklist software so that you can organize and list which activities you need to complete in order to remain productive and move forward in your life.

3. Eat Well.

If you’re really serious about moving forward in any area of your life, make sure that you focus on eating well. Taking this step will empower you to maintain the high energy levels necessary to take all the actions necessary to move forward. There are many ways that you can get on the healthy eating path, one of which is to prepare delicious, nutritious meals with flavor-enhancing grilling spices. You should also consider the value of replacing ham and cheese breakfast meals with delicious green smoothies!


If you’re serious about leading an incredibly progressive life, now is the time to do something about it. Use some or all of the advice and information outlined above to remain on track to leading a profoundly progressive life!

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