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Tom Chambers & Laura Rogers - Private Lives - Evening Times
Private Lives is a theatre show starring Tom Chambers and Laura Rogers. It was made by Noël Coward. It starts with a newlywed couple Chambers & Charlotte Ritchie. There was no programme available at my performance so apologies if a name is wrong. I have tried to find out as much as I can online.

Lonny (Chambers) has left his ex-wife and started afresh unaware his ex-wife has booked the room next door!

Audrey (Rogers) has re-married and wants to start afresh unaware her ex-husband has booked the room next door!

After a few near misses, Lonny and Audrey come across each other and at first panic about what to do. They both suggest leaving but which couple should go? Then they realise they still love each other and leave together! What will their stranded spouses say when they find out?

Part 1: Audrey Rogers shone as Audrey and lit up the stage. She had a whale of a time playing a bad girl. There was a lot of comedy, especially the near misses where Lonny and Audrey nearly meet.
However the sets themselves were confusing. I wasn’t sure where it was set. It could’ve a cruise ship as a yacht was mentioned a lot or it might have been a block of condos by the coast. There was also lots of smoking.

Tom Chambers got to do a bit of dancing as well. Just as week he did Strictly Come Dancing then. There was a very good fight scene with Lonny and Audrey throwing things at each other and smashing up the flat they were hiding away in during a row. It was very good.

Part 2: They didn’t use the maid much, I felt they could’ve used the fact she couldn’t speak any English to better effect. Not good use of supports at all. Again there was some comic moments, particularly the tea party Audrey serves when their spouses turn up having tracked them down! That was a gem. But some things were left open and the ending was abrupt.

That aside this still gets a 8/10 from me. A great day out with a mixture of humour and drama.

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