Pomegranate Cooler

Raising a toast..

…with some Pomegranate Cooler


I am in the mood to celebrate today. To raise a toast for all good things in life. I want to appreciate and revel in this bright and glorious day with the sunlight streaming in through the window and lending the room a heavenly, almost magical glow.

The trees outside seem to be dancing and singing along with the breeze as it gently caresses the few remaining leaves. The birds seem to be a tad more cheerful in their singing than yesterday.

Is it this pleasant weather that is inducing me to sing along with nature? Or is it that I am here posting another recipe after a longer pause than intended?

Well, it is hard to say that winter is in full bloom in my hometown. For these days, every day is a season in itself!

While it was a scorching hot day yesterday, its quite breezy and pleasant today. But I am sure the weather has more plans for the residents of this town for later in the day!

Besides the weather playing ‘guess-the-season-today’ there is yet another reason for me to turn on the celebration mode and do a happy dance..

Any guesses?

You see, I am happy to be posting here after a longer pause, yes, and also it being the first post after having shifting home in the world wide web!

Prats Corner has now moved to its own domain..!

It has been a little over 2 years now since my blog was born and it was hard to imagine then I would last long enough to move to my own space.

Along this culinary journey and amidst the moving `et all, I have picked up lessons and tips that I would carry with me for lifetime. I have met and made new foodie friends who are ever enthusiastic to assist and give me guidance on food topics or any other technical blog details whenever I ask for it – which is pretty much a regular thing, my constant queries that is!

At home, dad was the one who encouraged me that it was time for the move, mom of course was excited too because what brings joy to me, makes her happy. And then there is my little sis. She was all smiles when I told her about all this. But I suspect part of sis`s  joy is that she was all the while thinking as I explained to her – new home means more cooking and that translates to more eating!

Anyways, I am happy to see the excitement in them, with few cracks and jokes thrown in, like always – about yours truly & her food diary of course! 🙂 And each time I become the victim of some humor, I vow to never cook any of their favorite dishes, ever. But then with all the loud laughter filling the room, its hard for me stay sulking for too long. And so I join in all the drama too. So now yet another happy memory created!

So now you see, it is no wonder I am in the mood to celebrate and raise a toast to all good things in life – my new home, supporting family and friends, the awesome weather, the bright new day….

P.S. – You might want to add some more good things in your life which deserve a smile and a celebration – they can be as small as a good joke shared with a friend. The key is to count your blessings, every day and in every way and soon you will find that life is less of a hassle and more of simpler joys than initially assumed! Most of the times, its all in the minds!
So raising a toast with some Pomegranate juice or Pomegranate cooler or Pom mocktail, call it whatever you fancy. Whatever they are called, a glass of this fresh drink never fails to make you refreshed and energized..
And did you know pomegranates are regarded as the swiss-army knife among fruits. The reason being – pomegranates are loaded with antioxidants, reduce LDL aka bad cholestrol, promote digestion, helpful in case of acid reflux, prevent dehydration to name a few.

And finally, here is the recipe for the refreshing, energizing & nutrient rich concoction..

Pomegranate (whole) – 1
Pudina/ fresh mint leaves – 5 or per taste
Lime juice, freshly squeezed – ½ or 1/ per taste
Sugar (optional) – per taste
Water, chilled or room temp – as needed
To serve, optional – ice cubes, lime slice & mint leaf sprig for garnish
Cut the top and bottom of the pomegranate. Mark with a knife into wedges along the sections divided by the white membrane. Now separate the wedges & discard membrane and remove the pomegranate pearls and use as needed.
For a detailed picture description on how to cut pomegranate, click here.
In a blender/ mixer put the pomegranate pearls, mint, lime juice, sugar if adding and little water & blend. Then strain the juice & discard seeds.

To the juice add some more water as needed. Stir to blend. Pour into glass jar and serve chilled or at room temperature.

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