What’s up these days it is insane,

The whole world is so much in pain.

What isolated, mute existence,

The human race on social distance.

Even the cars leave space, it’s a must,

No more exchange of viral rust.

 I sit now in my dark square room,

And wait for the most final doom.

What’s up these days I start to wonder,

On which subject next to ponder.

While the whole galaxy is raving,

I see my neighbor, I am waving,

At the window shouting loud,

Hey man, why are you going out?

Pale faces pass, I’m sitting back,

And stuff a cushion in my neck.

When suddenly I here a noise,

A rather peculiar cranky voice.

What’s up these days? I turn around,

To trace this hoarse, metallic sound.

Who is the strange and unknown mourner,

Who sits there in my chamber corner?

It is the raven from the tree of hope

He politely ask for a piece of soap.

He wants to take some precautious action,

Because he needs some disinfection.

I’m sorry, I say, can’t go to the store

Surprised he asks me Nevermore?

© Written by: Anja Jaenicke, March 2020

© 2020, City Connect News. Copyright Notice & Disclaimer are below.

About Anja Jaenicke

Anja Jaenicke is a poet, painter, screenwriter, filmmaker and Thinker cum Arte from Germany. She started her career as a film actress for German film and television and was awarded with film awards like the German Film Award, the Bavarian Film Award and the BAMBI. In the last years Anja has written poetry and articles for magazines and published several lyric books like: 'The Second Face, 'Ajna-The Book of Immortality' and 'Water &Earth”. This year she was awarded as 'Distinguished Visionary of the Year 2018' by the prestigious VedIQ Guild Foundation. In her spare time Anja loves to take long walks with her dog through the Bavarian countryside and listens to the voice of nature wherein everything else is included.
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