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Passengers stars Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence and is a story about two people who are woken early during a long voyage in space to another colony world. The journey from Earth to Homestead II is a hundred and twenty year hike.

Jim Preston (Pratt – Jurassic World, Guardians of the Galaxy) gets woken first when a meteor hit causes a malfunction that opens his pod first. He is shocked to discover he is the only one awake. His sole companion is an android bartender called Arthur. He finds out he’s been in stasis thirty years so would have another ninety years left. As he’s in his thirties/forties he’ll be dead when they reach the colony.

Jim being an engineer desperately tries to fix his pod, break into the command bay to get help and even call customer services on Earth which will take decades to send the message and then get a reply! Eventually he accepts his fate and begins to enjoy life aboard by breaking into one of the more luxury suites and having dance off competitions with the computer. He also begins helping himself to stuff out of the cargo bay. But his access level prevents him from getting the good food and flavoured coffee!

But after a year as the sole human, he begins to suffer depression and almost lets himself out of the airlock. The computer thinking he’s going on the spacewalk tour wishes him a happy journey.

He can’t push the button to open the airlock and when he stumbles out he comes upon another pod, holding Aurora Lane (Lawrence). He becomes infatuated by her and begins reading about her. He’s so lonely he contemplates waking her up and believes they‘ll be friends. He even shaves and starts wearing trousers. He eats by her pod reading her biography and listening to her video on why she’s going to the Homestead II colony.

After a few weeks debate, he does wake her up. He makes it look like an accident. He only tells Arthur what he’s done. After a while he and Aurora do get on and become friends. She even lets him use her card to get better food and drinks as she’s a gold class level member. Then things get romantic!

More errors crop up in the ship and Jim and Aurora must find a way to locate the cause before it threatens the whole ship and nobody gets to the colony world. As they’re passengers they can’t access all areas of the ship – this causes issues. Can they find a way around the ironclad security? Can Jim keep his secret from Aurora? Can they survive being the only two onboard?

This was a very good film. I loved Pratt and Lawrence together. They had chemistry aplenty. Jim seemed like a good guy but had a horrible choice to make. Did he do the right thing? That’s an interesting question and one that’s sure to keep people talking about this movie. What would anybody do if they were the sole person abroad?

It was like a romance drama set in space and it worked. I was really impressed. I don’t usually like films where there’s not many characters. Jim and Aurora were entertaining and easily held my attention.

The onboard computer was annoyingly funny, sounding like a supermarket checkout scanner!

It was the ship though that let it down for me. It was too CGI and didn’t look real. It was also very big. It seemed a very big space for two people to be bouncing around and I didn’t like the way it rotated.

I do want one of the spacesuits they wore – those things really could take a pounding! Just what materials were they made from?

All in all it’s easily an 8/10 for me for this great film.

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