Party Season Sparkle for Grown-ups

I wish to make a confession: my inner child loves anything that sparkles. Sequins, glitter, and beads – I love them all! But the problem is that sparkly make up is really difficult to do without looking like an extra from the set of Twilight, or being mistaken for a member of an ABBA tribute act. When you think of sequins and glitter what are the first things that spring to mind…. cheesy 70’s girl bands, disco balls and panto season, I’ll bet. And whilst those things are fun, they are neither cool nor sexy. However, I truly believe there are ways to incorporate a little sparkle into your party look in a chic way, and I’m going to show you how.

Nail It

Painting nails with a glittery polish (which come in both light and dark colours) is the simplest and most fool-proof way to do sparkle this party season, whatever your budget. From BarryM to Nails Inc there’s a shimmering polish for everyone. Glitter not your thing? Why not try a metallic polish; they are a little more sophisticated, but just as much fun and range from shiny and bold to matte and muted.

Line It

Scared of glittery eye shadows? Think they are only for the young and eccentric? Me too. But there is a flattering alternative to full on sparkly peepers. Using glittery eyeliner puts a twinkle in the eye without being over the top and the good news is they come in both kohl and liquid form. To use draw a line close to your lashes, on the upper eyelid only (glitter on the lower lash line looks a bit fancy dress, so best to give it a miss). For an even more dramatic effect layer the glittery eyeliner over a strong line of black khol and you’ll be party perfect in no time!

Shimmer It

Give your skin some sheen and invest in a body lotion with built in shimmer. The light reflecting particles in these creams highlight the areas where you are the smallest (i.e. your collarbone and shoulders) which means that as well as having gleaming skin which is supple and party-ready, you’ll look like you’ve shaved a few pounds off too (bonus!). Alternatively, using a big, fluffy brush, gently sculpt the areas of your body you love to show off with a power-based highlighter or even a shimmery bronzer, which has the added bonus of adding a bit of colour without the hassle and staining which often comes with using self-tanning lotions.

Highlight It

Using a liquid highlighter to illuminate your features is the prettiest way to sparkle this winter. Highlighters come in both pens and pots, and can be mixed in with your regular foundation for a subtle glow. Alternatively, for a full on sculpted look dot highlighter into the parts of your face where the bone is closest to the surface of the skin (the centre of the nose, cheekbones, brow bone and chin), here the highlighter has the greatest chance of catching the light. Want wide awake eyes? Smudge a little pearly highlighter into the inner corners of the eyes for a fresh, ethereal look.

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