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Pandora is an interchangeable and unique collection of jewellery. Its mission is to offer women a universe of genuine jewellery products at affordable prices. This also includes hand-finished, high quality and modern products. It inspires women all around the world to express their individuality. Pandora is not just jewellery. It can make the perfect gift for those hard to shop for. Why? Because you will always have something to buy for them.

Let’s check out everything you need to know about PANDORA gems!

Pandora Sterling Silver Charms

PANDORA sterling silver gems are some of the most popular charms in the world. From plain to ornate and simple to fancy, they are magnificent. There are almost 200 sterling silver charms available that you can choose from. All are 92.5% pure silver and nickel free.

Pandora Essence Charms

The Essence Collection is a line of bracelets and charms. Its aim is to symbolise your inner hopes, values and desires in life. The charms are more delicate and petite while the bracelets are slenderer. Most Essence Charms are hand-crafted from genuine materials.

Pandora Disney Charms

PANDORA Disney charms are one of the most popular types of PANDORA Gems. They will make you remember all the great things. Such as what your Disney Characters made you imagine. From Snow White and Winnie, the Pooh to Tinkerbell and Minnie Mouse, they are marvellous. This collection boasts almost 80 different gems to choose from.

Pandora Pet Charms

Dedicated to all animals lovers! Share your love of animals with PANDORA pet charms. There are various models available. Some of them include birds, horses, cats and dogs. This collection comes in sterling silver. Many of them emphasise with colourful gemstones and enamel.

Pandora Murano Glass Charms

PANDORA Murano charms are hand-crafted from Italian Murano glass. They add a special design and pop of colour to your jewellery. All the designs and colours are in fact in the glass. You won’t find them painted on the outside. These gems could be a great gift to your loved ones.

Pandora Gold Charms

PANDORA gold charms are available in 14K yellow gold. They come in both elegant and simple designs. Styles may include precious pearls, stones, diamonds and cubic zirconia. If you are thinking about gifting someone a PANDORA gold charm, she might remember you for a long time.

Pandora Silver & Gold Charms

Pandora Silver & Gold Charms could be the favourite of countless women. Two-tone silver and gold PANDORA charms have a charming mix of both beautiful metals. What’s brilliant? They bring a unique shimmer to any necklace or bracelet.

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