Pan – 2015 film

Pan - 2015 film
Pan is a prequel film telling how Peter Pan came about. Peter (Levi Miller) is left at an orphanage by his other Mary (Amanda Seyfried).

But he doesn’t let this bad start get him down, as he grows up he helps the other orphans get one up over the tyrant Mother Barnabus (Kathy Burke). A letter from his mother keeps the fire alive to wage a battle of wills against the authority.

Mother Barnabus arranges for some pirates to kidnap the trouble makers and Peter is amongst those taken to Neverland where he’s sent to the mines. There he meets a young man named Hook. (Garrett Hedlund).

The main pirate captain is Blackbeard (Hugh Jackman) he tells Peter his legend when he sees the boy fly over the water as he must walk the plank! Peter’s own doubts means he can’t fly for long.

Hook and Peter embark on a friendship, as they encounter adventures galore, certain that nothing will ever come between them…

A good film but it’s very slow and there’s not enough to sustain the quiet periods. Garrett Hedlund is good as Hook, but it is odd seeing Hook and Peter starting out as friends.

Peter’s discovering his powers and the lengthy periods of doubt make the tale far longer than normal. For me there’s no-one to carry the film’s beginning and make it particularly gripping.

This ‘let’s see how it all started’ seems to be the ‘in’ thing at present. I don’t why we needed to know the origins of Peter Pan. Do we really need to know where everything starts?
To me it seems obvious there’ll be a sequel telling how Hook and Peter Pan ended up as enemies. Now the characters are established this might be easier.

Choosing pop songs was a rather odd choice for a this movie, which is supposed to targeted for kids? If the producers wish to appeal to an older audience the characters will need to be more complex and the plot lines more weighty.

For me this movie lacked a magical awe in which the Peter Pan story imbues. 6/10 from me.

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