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Why taking painkillers in not the best long-term strategy for pain

Taking painkillers when nothing else has worked to temporarily reduce it is sometimes necessary. However, this should only be used in last resort and in part of a strategy to try and eliminate the pain in a natural way, in accordance with how the body work.

The various types of medical drugs classified as “painkillers” have serious side-effects and they are just “hiding the pain”, letting the body degenerate while switching off the nerve signals that carry the pain. Painkillers kill about 8,000 people a year in the US, and Paracetamol alone is the foremost cause of acute liver failure in the Western world and liver failure death in the UK.

What causes Pain?

Pain is a complex experience consisting of a physiological (“body”) response to a noxious stimulus followed by an affective (“emotional”) response to that event. Pain is a warning mechanism that helps to protect an organism by influencing it to withdraw from a harmful situation. In acute pain, 2 phases are perceived, an immediate, intense feeling of short duration, sometimes described as a sharp, pricking sensation, followed by a dull, throbbing sensation.

The chronic pain is more often associated with pathological conditions such as cancer or arthritis, it is more difficult to locate and treat. If pain cannot be alleviated, psychological factors such as depression and anxiety can intensify the condition, complicating an already challenging treatment situation.

How can Homeopathy and Nutrition Help

If pain is due to a physical trauma and an accident, then operation and physical treatment may be required (such as seeing a sports massagist or a chiropractor).

As many people know, I have turned to homeopathy when painkillers could not help me for a severe type arthritis that was crippling. me. My homeopath, on the first consultation told me that he had to sort out my digestive system before addressing the joints. Interestingly in about 40% of the cases of arthritis and joints’ pain, people have serious stomach or digestive issues, that need to be addressed first, or the body will not be able to absorb the nutrients to heal.

Then, people need to address their diet, even before taking supplements: supplements will not absorbed if the digestive system is unable to absorb and the right diet is implemented. For more tips, have a look on my website. In parallel, the right homeopathic remedies can be used to start the healing mechanism in the joints, and reduce pain.

For such issue, it is always better to consult instead of self-prescribe, because when the joints start to deteriorate, it is usually harder to reserve.

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