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In answer to your question about eco-friendly couriers check out the innovative Cambridge cycle courier company below.

Outspoken Delivery will be a leading partner in an EU sponsored initiative to develop and promote the movement of light goods by bike.

The three year EU project, CYCLE Logistics, running from May 2011 to 2014 aims to achieve a significant reduction in energy use for urban freight transport through final delivery of light goods by bicycle rather than motorised delivery vans. Partners in the Cycle Logistics project include local authorities, private sector companies, cycling organisations, communication experts and energy agencies from over eight European countries. The kick-off meeting involving all the project partners was held in Copenhagen last month (May) and was attended by Rob King, Managing Director of Outspoken Delivery.


Rob said: “We are thrilled to be part of this exciting project and look forward to building a cargo bike culture in Cambridge and beyond.” Outspoken Delivery will be leading the ‘Goods Delivery’ application area of the project; developing new and innovative delivery solutions using the breadth of experience across Europe to determine best practise. It is anticipated that Outspoken will rent three additional cargo bikes with electric assistance enabling them to support the expected increased level of business.

As a leading partner in the EU project, Outspoken Delivery will host a meeting in Spring 2012 which will bring all the partners to Cambridge to discuss progress, share findings and to plan the next stages of the project. Rob added: “European cities such as Copenhagen and Amsterdam have well developed bike cultures and cargo delivery solutions and I am looking forward to introducing similar approaches to Cambridge.”

Other aspects of the project include encouraging tradesmen to adopt bicycles as a means of transporting themselves and their equipment to their customers and prompting private individuals to use their bikes for shopping trips by providing appropriate baskets, bags and trailers.

The new Outspoken Delivery cargo bikes are set to become an established feature in the Cambridge streets leaving their motorised competitors behind.

Outspoken Delivery is Cambridge’s innovative local courier firm. The company use specially designed bicycles to transport everything from documents & files, computers, engineering parts and food & drink across Cambridge City and beyond.

Services include same day, next day, London runs and specialist deliveries

Rob King – Managing Director of Outspoken Delivery

The service is 100% emission free (excluding a little hot air), safe and reliable (they even deliver 3-tier wedding cakes) and flexible, provided by an enthusiastic team who love the job they do.

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