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A variety of programs are offered at the University of New England, including online degrees in various subjects. Read on to find out more about our online offers on degrees in social work.

In the early days, charity work was carried out by individuals, religious organizations and churches, and many people and governments acknowledged the need that more help should come from these entities today. Looking back at history, Constantine was the first world leader known to establish funding for a church-based charity work. Government-run social worker programs did not begin until the 19th Century A.D. in England and also not across the Atlantic in the United States.


A ‘Poor Law’ began in Great Britain in the early days to distinguish the needs of individuals who were poor and incapable of supporting themselves. The law helped the government to involve people in the right programs to help them most effectively. In the United States, immigrants overwhelming the nation brought with them acute needs for health and charity work. From immigration problems and needs, hospitals around the country starting with Massachusetts General Hospital began paying capable nurses for social work positions. These early workers labored diligently to improve conditions and make the social work field practical and efficient.

Nowadays, human rights as well as needs are addressed on a daily basis by faithful social workers. Professional and caring, these people reach out to those whose income is low. These workers are there for other people in any type of crisis and those who have experienced various types of social injustice. Compassionate people who desire careers in social work take bachelor’s and master’s degrees offered by public and private institutions of higher learning.

Such scholastic institutions that offer degrees in the social work field generally use television, radio and advertisements in target magazines as well as online spots. Those potentially interested in such a degree often receive opportunities on ‘Google Ads’ from worthy colleges and universities offering such programs. Some institutions even offer a convenient online social work degree.

During years of economic decline, the poor and needy of society often feel the crunch first, and cutbacks in government funding of social work is one of the many ways they feel the crunch. However, those in government know the real needs for social work programs and do not fold them completely. Social workers and education in the field are vitally necessary and will continue to be needed well into the future.

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