Online Slot Myths

The internet has no shortage of information about online slots. However, what is fact and what is fiction. Find below some of the most common myths regarding Mega Reel online slots.

Casino Operators Program Slots to Go On Cold and Hot Streaks

Certain slots have this tendency to consistently pay out for certain times, and then not pay out for a long period. This has led to the common misconception that online casino operators program slots in advance to affect payouts.

This is not the case. Each spin is random and its results determined by Random Number Generators. If the machine goes hot or cold at specific times, that is pure luck.

You Cannot Win the Jackpot If Somebody Else Just Won 

This myth goes hand in hand with the previous one. The slot is programmed to land on random results each time. It cannot remember that it just paid out a jackpot, and adjust its results accordingly. Each spin is independent of the next.

Using Bonuses Decreases Your Odds of Winning 

The slot machine can in no way distinguish between cash deposits and bonus money. For this reason it is impossible to penalise you based on that. In fact, bonus money can significantly increase your odds of winning and also saves you money. You are basically playing for free.

Your Odds Are Better At a Specific Time of Day 

This is quite an interesting belief. People tend to believe that slots pay out more certain times of the day or when business is slow. This is simply not true. Whether you are surrounded by thousands of other players or the only player on the floor, your chances remain the same. The slot cannot sense what time of the day it is or how many people are around.

The Longer You Play a Slot, the Better Your Odds of Winning 

Slots are based purely on luck. Its results are determined by Random Number Generators, which means that nothing you do can alter the outcome of any particular spin. Whether you spin 1,000 times or just once, your chances of winning are the same. The fact is that some slots just tend to pay out more frequently than others.

You Are Due To Win 

Some players believe that if nobody has won in a while, then the slot is due for a payout. As mentioned previously, slots do not keep track of payouts made. The machine will not pay out simply because no one has won in a while.

Progressive Slots Are the Best Slots to Play 

While it is true that you can win much bigger by playing a progressives slot, they tend to not pay out as often as slots with fixed jackpots. You could play a progressive slot for years and not hit that jackpot, but regularly top up you balance by playing for smaller jackpots.

You Can’t Improve Your Chances of Winning 

There might not be any changes you can make to the way you play that will alter the outcome of a slot game, but there are a few practical things you can do to improve your chances of winning. Things such as playing looser slots, playing fixed instead of progressive jackpots or making use of all those free sign-up bonuses that online casinos offer.

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