Nurse HawthoRNe Sizzles on TNT

Direct from America, Clara Freeman – freelance columnist, and self-confessed celebrity gossip mogul – discusses the twists and turns of one of TNT’s hottest shows: Nurse HawthoRNe (sic). Nurse HawthoRNe has proved very popular in America and stars the talented Jada Pinkett Smith and the handsome Michael Vartan.

Okay, I admit it again. I love the drama of TNT! The most watched show of Tuesdays nights have gotten even hotter since the addition of Latin crooner and recently separated, Marc Anthony appeared in 2 segments August 2010, before returning on semi- regular basis. Marc Anthony is best known for his Latin style of music where he sings in his flavor of salsa, even pending a duet with
estranged wife, Jennifer Lopez back in 2007, El Cantante.

Marc Anthony might be having marriage woes as reported in the media of late, after announcing a separation as of Friday, July 18th from Jennifer Lopez after 7 years of marriage and fathering twins. However, in spite of the constant attention revolving around the couple, Marc Anthony’s career in television appears on the rise. If his sizzling performance on Tuesday night’s Nurse Hawthorne is any indication of his longevity in the Movie & Television arena, he will have little concern for worry. His acting abilities are sharp and on point.

To recap a bit for those of you who haven’t caught the fireworks, Jada Pinkett Smith plays an ER nurse working to save patients under pressure on the Medical Drama. Doctor Tom, played by Michael Vartan, happened to be the best friend of Christina’s deceased husband and therefore, the two initially denied their feelings for one another.

In the first season Christina and Tom started to have ups & downs. Tom survived an accident and had a brief encounter with a member of the hospital board. Meanwhile, over in Christina’s camp, her friendship with a homeless mother, was investigated by none other than Detective Renata (Marc Anthony) when the mom stole back her child from adoption – get it?

Christina knows that she loves Tom. She’s intrigued by this detective who gallantly befriends her and advises her to go get her man (Michael) but that he will be waiting in the wings if she needs him. Christina and Tom reconcile their love for each other. The end of season 2 finds her pregnant with Tom’s Child.

Season 3 is the most traumatic, dramatic & sizzling season to date! Christina marries Tom, suffers a brutal attack, loses her baby and wonders, “Where was Tom when she needed him”? Enter Detective Nick Renata assigned to investigate the case. He’s back and determined to get the man who attacked the woman he secretly loves. Nick is under investigation for the murder of the man who victimized Christina and caused her to lose her child.

As Tom and Christina become distant in their relationship, Christina seeks solace from the wisdom of Nick’s mother, who tells her that she (Christina) does love Nick and wonders where Christina will land. Apparently, viewers of Tuesday night’s Nurse HawthoRNe didn’t have to wonder for long. The two lit it up with sensual, sexual tension and finally in the wee hours of a new dawn; they made love in Detective Nick Renata’s backyard, as the stars and left over cake from Mama Renata’s 85th birthday watch!

Before the love scene happened between the actors, one line uttered by Marc Anthony as Detective Nick Renata sort of got me to thinking… “It’s about a man in love with a married woman’. Hmmm, Will Smith, were you there?

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