Nomadic Party Ideas for a Travel-Loving Family

Few other things conjure up more wonder, romance, and nostalgia than travel. If you are constantly bitten by the travel bug, it might be a great idea to make it the primary theme of your birthday, engagement party, or even just a family reunion.

In this article, we’ll share some ideas on how you can incorporate elements that celebrate the magic of travel into your big bash. Here are some of them:


Invitations are really cool because they set the tone for your event. For your travel-themed party, consider giving out cards designed as airline boarding passes, as postcards with postage stamps, as airmail items marked “par avion” and decorated with red and blue bands, or as old tickets of legendary shipping companies like White Star Line and Cunard. There are a variety of ideas that you can explore to make your guests really excited for the coming event.

Photo Wall

No party is ever complete without the main attraction. Consider setting up a map or a travel-themed backdrop that can double as a photo wall for your guests. Also consider backdrops featuring exotic destinations like Havana, Marrakech, or Bagan. Deck the area with vintage suitcases and a vintage leather couch so your guests will be more inclined to use it to take selfies and group photos.

Food Table

Another possible centerpiece for your party is the food table. You can go crazy on the food options and serve menu items from all over the world, topping each one off with little flags or postcards representing the countries where they originate. The food choices can also be country-specific. For instance, you can have a French-themed food table and serve items like salade niçoise, boeuf bourguignon, ratatouille, crème brûlée, and éclairs. Then you can decorate the table with items like old French books, a scale model of the Eiffel Tower, or maybe a tiered macaron stand.

Guest Tables

The guest tables present another opportunity for you to express your love for travel. You can decorate each table with articles and trinkets representing different countries or continents. Need something that calls Thailand to mind? Adorn the table with an elephant figurine, candles, and flowers like lotus and orchids. Do you want something that will remind your guest of Australia? Consider a kangaroo crossing standee or a vase made from empty Vegemite bottles. When it comes to country-specific ideas, the sky is the limit.

If you want a more generic table décor, consider a good old floral centerpiece, but put a nomadic twist. Instead of just any ordinary vases, consider putting your flowers in cans wrapped in vintage maps, or in wicker baskets decorated as hot air balloon baskets. You can use colorful twines to make the balloons hover over the baskets. Also consider using globes as table centerpieces. You can place them over stacks of vintage books to make them more prominent.


If you’re up for it, think about preparing drinks that are quite popular in other countries. Whether it’s English eggnog, Indian lassi, or Puerto Rican piña colada, these novelties are sure to be a hit in your party. You can also serve imported artisan wine and craft beer as an alternative to your usual drinks. In any case, including global favorites like Coca-Cola and Dr. Pepper in your beverage selection is totally a-okay.

Party favors

You also have to think of something that you can giveaway to your guests as party favors. Consider giving away cake pops designed as little planet Earths or beautiful cupcakes decorated with images of famous landmarks or postage stamps. If you really love your friends and are willing to spend a little more, how about giving away copies of your favorite travel book so that they, too, can be inspired to tap into their hidden wanderlust.

Overall decor

When it comes to travel-themed parties, vintage, retro, and shabby chic is the name of the game. Think about wooden details, old atlases, vintage suitcases, monocycles, bunting pennants, retro cameras, festoon lights, and photos of explorers like Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart.

If you need more ideas for your party, websites like Pinterest offers a plethora of design ideas that you can explore and incorporate into your event. You just have to look for elements that match your family’s style and personality.

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