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Personally I don’t read The Sun but every day millions of others do. Concise and informative it’s perfect for those with hectic lives who barely have time to sit down, let alone read the paper. It brands itself as a “Family newspaper” which presumably entails that it is suitable for all to read and has a place at the family breakfast table. Yet in-spite of this every single day of the week, these millions of Sun readers, open up their paper to a page dedicated to boobs. The infamous page 3.

I remember as a child this page was discreetly removed before we did art projects in class, because if one of us had stumbled upon the image how would you explain to a class full of children why there was a half naked woman in a newspaper. The same unanswerable question I would imagine as your child would ask when they look over to what you are reading at the breakfast table. What could you reply? That breasts are news?

This is exactly what “No more page three” is campaigning against. A polite open letter to Sun editor Dominic Mohan to please remove page three from his paper. This campaign isn’t about slut shaming glamour models who chose this lifestyle nor is it condemning The Sun or its readers, it is simply stating that bare breasts have no place in a newspaper.

You may ask what’s the harm in it? Their just breasts and if you don’t enjoy looking at them, flip over to the next page. Unfortunately its not just breasts, its the ideas and connotations that children associate with them. Seeing such images in a respectable place like a newspaper children begin to think that it is normal, expected. Young girls are constantly bombarded with media that woman should be sexy, their idols parade half naked on music videos whilst woman in power are ridiculed for not wearing make-up. Whilst young boys are given contradicting information that you should respect women but only if they are not whores, and the definition of whore behaviour is a long one including simple things such as wearing a low cut top. By removing page three from a national paper it means there is one less place for these ideas to come from, so that the adults of the future will now that all people are equal regardless of gender. And that a woman’s worth is not measured by the size of her boobs.

If you would like to sign the petition for change please follow the link below;

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