New Year’s Dating Regimes

What are peoples top New Year’s resolutions for 2013?  It seems that losing weight is at the top and things like finding a new job that kind of thing.  However hunting for a new man appears to be high on the agenda for singletons in the UK.  According to the on-line dating site it typically sees an increase of 25-30 per cent between the period of December 26 and February 14.  It seems that single gals are logging on as soon after Christmas as Boxing Day!  Not leaving anything to chance!  Turkey barley digested, Quality Street still looming and it’s straight on the man hunt for some saucy singletons!


Not only is the man hunt starting directly after Christmas but its continuing right up until Valentine’s Day itself!  In the vain hope that even on Valentine’s Day logging on, a date might still be on the cards.  New year’s dating is not just about logging on (complete with Christmas jumper and hat).  Its about reflecting on past relationships and possibly trying not to make the same mistakes again.  Doing your up most not to pick the same scrotum’s  which seem to flock ever so gradually towards you.  Think about the type of men you have gone for in the past year and do the exact opposite of that!  Reflecting on why your last relationship ended, was he too clingy, was you too clingy.  Did you stalk his Facebook every time he went out to track his every movement?  (Come on we’ve all done it) 11:52 pm and he’s checked in to Mahiki nightclub even though he said he wasn’t going clubbing.   Was the reason the last relationship fail because you pick immature guys?  As cute as 1D Harry is those curly brown locks are never gonna make it through the long haul or even through a Long Island Iced Tea.  Cute as they maybe younger boys will not always live up to the relationship so many of us crave.  Good for house parties, sneaking into clubs and general frolicking.  Bad for anything long term, that includes epic movies, road trips and attention spans.


Instead of going for your usual long, dark and full of it number, try looking at different kinds of specimens out there.  They don’t have to be nerdy and resemble Peep Show’s Mark Corrigan just someone who has more to offer than looks.  Or if you normally go for Towies James Argent of this world (God forbid), then don’t!  Look for someone with a different look or characteristics.  If Skater boys have proved to bring you nothing but trouble with their intense good looks and laid back dress sense, then it’s a city boy that you need to open your mind to.

New Years is a great way to meet new people.  People love a fresh start and it can be the same with finding a new man too!  The idea is to change who you normally go for.  It’s easy to get stuck in a dating rut, dating the same types of guys, floppy hair, piercings and who look like they have just stepped out Edward Scissorhands.  But the world is full of many many men to explore.  Give the shy and retiring guy a go, if you’re usual is Mark Wright’s answer to Brighton and has proved not to be working for you.  You will find that he will probably pay you more attention and not have slept with 8 out of the 10 girls in the bar with you.

Just stay away from the Arg’s of this world!

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