Navtivity 3: Dude Where’s my Donkey?

Nativity 3
Nativity 3: Dude Where’s My Donkey? Is the next sequel in this particular franchise. This time starring Martin Clunes and Catherine Tate among the stars.

This really is about a donkey. New teacher Mr Shepherd (Clunes) gets kicked by a donkey and loses his memory. The movie is about finding this particular donkey and getting Shepherd back with his fiancée. Using musical routines to try and get his memory back. Hmm.

I honestly don’t know why they made this. Are we to be inflicted every year from now on?

It also shows schools as unstable, in that teaching assistants should be heavily supervised as Mr Desmond Poppy (Martin Wooton) is still there. By now it’s getting creepy. In the real world, Mr Poppy would not keep his job. On a serious note, I’m not happy that a grown man is being paid to act like an idiot, while most of us are working all hours just to get by.

The kids seem to be just extras; minions to Mr Poppy, and I’m sure some of the songs were recycled from its predecessors.

Despite a good cast list, the script was so limp, even a soggy salad would be more appealing. The main issue is there’s nothing really for the adults to enjoy. Family films need to appeal to Mums and Dads too. Young children won’t be going by themselves after all!

Also this is slightly longer which is confusing, the target audience is obviously young kids, there’s not really enough action to keep them focused for over 100mins+.

It seemed improvised on the spot, there was no indication there was a script. It couldn’t have been planned. You cannot do this. A plan is required for movies, otherwise you lose your way. You need a proper storyline and a sensible plot. (The writer should get detention!)

Hopefully this has ended the Nativity series for good and we won’t have a fourth edition next year.

This picture was missing a lot more than a donkey!

1/10 from me.

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