Must Have Dance Accessories for 2019

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Dancers live in a world of their own. Their days are filled with school, work, rehearsal, class, and auditions. They learn very early to always have a dance bag ready to go.

If a dancer is competing or auditioning for dance performances, it is recommended that they have two dance bags with the essentials in each. When one bag has been used and items need to be washed and replenished, they have another ready to go at a moments notice.

It is common knowledge that most dancers live on a tight budget. Therefore, they need to buy quality gear that will last wash after wash and dance after dance. Below, you will find a list of needs that every dancer must have. For quality gear at an affordable see, Just For Kix: dancewear, dance clothes, dance shoes, dance classes, costumes, Hip-Hop.

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Trends for 2019

The following items are trending for 2019. Dancers should remember to add at least one of these items in their dance bag. A dancer never knows who she will meet or when she will be called on to audition without time to go home. Showing up in the latest fashion gives her the edge over dancers who are wearing “basics.”

  • Open front skirts.
    • Full skirts and wrap-around skirts will never go out of style, but the open front skirt is hot this year and she should have one with her at all times.
  • Cold-shoulder
    • The cold shoulder top has shown up everywhere in the fashion world. The outfit features a long sleeve with cut-outs that expose the shoulder.
  • Pastels
    • 2018 was a year for deep colors but the tides have changed. Colors this year are pastel pinks, blues, greens, and yellows. Light coral and sea-green will also be seen on the dance floor and stage


  • Minimal patterns
    • Clean lines, soft and understated embellishments give the 2019 dancers the look they need to compete. Tiny pearls and sequins are used to create the design without adding bulk to the costume.
  • Basic Black
    • It does not matter if the trending colors are electric bright or the soft, basic black is always in style. Never forget to have a basic black ensemble in your dance bag.

Staple items every dance bag should contain

  • Tee shirt (if you are on a team, a team tee is fine)

Every dancer should always have a cool tee shirt in their dance bag. The tee shirt can be oversized and have the name of your dance company on it or it can be a generic tee. As long as it is clean and in good repair, use it.

  • Tights

Tights are not just to keep the legs warm. They support the lower body and allow instructors to view the way your muscles are being worked. Tights are not very expensive (check out clearance sales) but, they do wear out and get runs in them. This is a big no deal. Always have an extra pair of tights in your bag.

  • Leotard

Leotards are another staple item that dancers need. They keep the body securely held and allow movement without fear of embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions. Keep a spare with you in basic design and color. This will get you through any last minute call. 

  • Legwarmers
  • You must have something to keep you warm at all times. It is damaging to the body when the temperature of the body is not regulated.
  • Wrap skirt
  • Dance shoes
  • Water bottle
  • Protein bar
  • Candy (if you need an instant burst of energy)
  • Towel
  • Hair supplies  
    • Elastic bands and hairpins
    • Hairbrush
    • Travel size hair spray

This may sound like a lot, but when you place them in your bag, it really isn’t. Be ready for anything at any time. You will have what you need to fix-up and show-up at the drop of a hat. Dare to take control and get the parts you are dreaming of.

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