Musical Review: Sister Act

I liked the show but it wasn’t as good as the film. An enjoyable event but soon forgotten afterwards.

Cynthia Eviro did a good job as Dolores Van Cartier, who if you haven’t seen the film, witnesses a mob murder and has to go into hiding. The police put her in a convent where she joins the choir and uses her mo-town/disco songs to liven things up.

I can’t put my finger on it, but the show lacked something. I found myself waiting for Whoopi to come in and take over.

Denise Black (Coronation Street) played the Mother Superior and again I wanted Maggie Smith there. Denise lacked the authority and the humour of Dame Maggie. (Although I don’t know if Dame Maggie Smith CAN sing!)

And having Michael Stark from ‘Brookside/The Royal/Corrie’ fame as the priest O’Hara was a dreadful decision. How did he get that role??? There wasn’t anyone with stage presence. Whoopi owned Sister Act, she had comic timing, a great voice and snazzy lines.

The new songs were good but for me they weren’t Sister Act. It was more like an episode of that ITV show Heartbeat. Heart warming – yes. But it wasn’t supposed to be about THAT show.

A lot of the backing singers lacked character and while the dance routines were good; I felt it wasn’t anything new or different. The voices sounded all the same and no one, even Cynthia wasn’t memorable afterwards.

Having some disco songs straight of the bat rather than hymns being jazzed up just didn’t feel right. The cast lacked the harmony the movie sisters had. When Whoopi’s crew sang ‘My God’ (which isn’t a hymn jazzed up) it was cute. This new crew just wasn’t.

I think the best analogy would be to compare this to remakes of some TV shows. Sometimes it’s better to leave it alone! It felt at times, they were doing something else and the people just happened to share the names of those from the movie. Like an odd alternate universe or something.

It did make a good afternoon out but I wouldn’t want to see this team again.

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