MotoGP 2013 at Silverstone

motogp2013Booked our tickets ages ago through a friend, we prefer wheels to footballs, unlike the majority of the UK population. Although this year it seemed that the crowd had grew to a record amount of over 72,000, what a difference it makes when a Brit is doing well, or should I say two Brits, Scott Redding in Moto2 and Cal Crutchlow in MotoGP

Cal Crutchlow had the world on his shoulders; most of the crowd were there to support him, although Rossi supporters back up favourably.

The first race Moto2 was a brilliant race, keeping you on the edge of your seat, very close racing throughout and Scott won to the delight of the cheering crowds.

Cal Crutchlow

Cal Crutchlow

Then the MotoGP race Cal had had a bad start to Saturday with two crashes early in the day, then another incident at the Sunday morning warm-up, but bruised and battered he continued and managed a 7th place. We Brits also managed a 9th with Bradley Smith.

The excitement came near the end of the race when it came to the leader tag game between Marquez and Lorenzo, when one led then the other, Lorenzo won out and Marquez got second. The same happened for 4th and 5th place Bautista and Rossi, Rossi winning that one, behind Pedrosa.

Moto3 had no Brits near the front and was dominated by the Spanish taking the first four places, Marquez’s younger brother taking 3rd.

It is great to see so many people at a motorcycling event; next race at Silverstone is the British Superbikes in October, before then Donington this coming weekend.

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