Mother Nature’s Beauty Secret

At a time when the recession shows little sign of abating and beauty treatments may be viewed by most women as a coveted unaffordable luxury when balanced against the necessity of paying the monthly mortgage . Mother Nature has a wise secret that we can all benefit from – for FREE.

Legend’s have been written about her secret…

Some of the most beautiful women in the world owe their looks to the secret…

Moses made his name by parting it…

Follow in their footsteps and perhaps you too can benefit as they have…

Ready to hear the secret?


The miracle is up 2/3 of your body. Your brain alone is made up of 90% of it and your blood 83%. Drinking at least 8 glasses a day depending on your body size can prevent as well as cure migraines, help hydrate your skin making you appear younger and put a spring in your step literally, as it helps to moisturize your joints! Drinking enough daily will help your body do the important work of supplying much welcomed nutrients needed to oxygenate and protect vital organs. Not only will your outer body look fabulous but so will your insides. The amazing benefits of drinking enough water will be experienced as steady weight loss as part of a calorie controlled diet as water contains zero calories and breaks down fat deposits stored in the body flushing out toxins. Higher tolerance of pain as organ health will be stronger and help you fight invading infection.

On the other hand the serious symptoms of not drinking enough water can result in; persistent constipation, irregular blood pressure, unexplained moodiness, headaches, dry skin, inability to concentrate, light headedness to name a few avoidable health problems. If you are still experiencing these symptoms even after drinking your daily intake then you may wish to consult your G.P. or visit one of the top 5 top rated sites explaining further why water is essential to good health. See

Cheers to your good health!

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Pia is a trained Psychotherapist & Trainer who made her first media appearance in 1997 when she was invited by the Editor of the then cutting edge psychotherapy magazine’ Dialogue’ to submit an article dealing with health and emotional intelligence. She was at the time studying on Harley St under the eminent Clinical Psychologist Prof. Petruska Clarkson. Since then she has received acclaim as a regular professional guest on Yorkshire’s award winning Sunrise Radio, successfully interpreting dreams live on air to a captivating audience of over 60,000 listeners. Pia writes as a Features Writer for City Connect on Health & Beauty and Relationships as well as offering individual life coaching support to both individuals and companies.
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