Monsters University: Pixar & the Prequel

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After Toy Story 3’s massive success, despite the trilogies ten year hiatus, Disney Pixar has decided to breathe life into yet another of it’s best creations, Monsters Inc. However will this be a lovingly told, long awaited new chapter? Or is it merely a shameless ploy to exploit nostalgia of the company’s older fans?

My biggest issue with the upcoming film is that it is a prequel. The one question on everyone’s mind at the end of Monsters Inc. was “what happened to Boo?”. It certainly wasn’t “how did Mike and Sully become friends?”. If you told me they met in college I would happily accept that explanation. I would not however sit through an entire film to find out the facts to an answer I quite frankly do not care about.

Going by the trailer Monsters University is essentially the tale of rivalry between the two protagonists of Monsters Inc. It’s your classic American college film in which two unlikely room-mates decide to make the others life a living hell for the duration of their freshman year. Which one of them will come out on top? Neither of them, we already know they become best friends, so this is a case of putting their differences aside in a bid to work together. Whether or not the film will be a success depends on this second plot point, it’s going to have to be pretty spectacular to destroy the mediocre image this film is currently projecting.

Despite it’s rather disappointing trailer, Monsters University is bound to be a sell-out film. Just as with Toy Story 3 not only will it draw in Disney’s target under ten audience it will also bring along those that where ten when the original film came out. University is something this older audience can relate to in they same way they related to Andy outgrowing his childhood toys. Yet whereas Toy Story 3 was a bittersweet goodbye to childhood, Monsters University looks set to disappoint. It’s guaranteed to be an hour and a half of childish pranks and animation clichés.

I may be wrong. Monsters University may be brilliant. After all, this is Pixar and they’re bound to have something up their sleeves, but what made Monsters Inc. such a milestone film for them was that it was a beautiful standalone piece about the monsters in your cupboard. It needed no build up, it worked that we never saw the grown up Boo, it remains a piece of our childhood. A stunning piece of cinema like that needs an equally stunning follow up, one that Monsters University cannot deliver. Though the film is set to appear this July, I will personally avoid tarnishing the original by not going to watch it.

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