Men and Cupcakes – What a Recipe!

I remember many years ago attributing the male members of my staffroom to creatures of the animal kingdom; dependant on traits, age and mannerisms.

It raised a few smiles and eyebrows; so I thought why not try again, but this time combine two of my passions together – men and cupcakes and see what recipes I could create!

Who knows! I might have even designed the new party game of the year… even decade. Guess the Cupcake?

So here is my comparative analysis – your role being to identify which cupcake your man or male friends relate to:

Vanilla Sponge
Average male, quite stable in their life, stickler for order and routine. Not very ambitious or adventurous; same sexual position and bedroom routine which is predominantly confined to the bedroom – because sex outside of this environment would be too much of a risk.  A twice a year, on birthdays and key celebration dates type man. In a relationship or lives at home with their parents.

Vanilla Sponge with Frosting and Sprinkles
As above but attempts to make more of an effort when nagged or prodded enough. Can show flashes of romance or initiative, however very rare!  Possibly married or in a long term relationship with no intention of rocking the boat as life is easy and their partner does almost everything for them.

Dark Chocolate with a Fudge Topping
More adventurous male, possibly new in a relationship – in the early stages and wants to impress. Desperate to please and show off his talents in all areas.

Sticky Toffee with Pecan
Single male, the type of man you see propped up against wine bars, always looks immaculate and smells, possibly tastes delicious. A social mover who is very flirtatious, quite generous with their money and has a  good job. He has a large circle of friends, is very happy for one-night stands but not happy to be tied down to just one woman.

Strawberries and White Chocolate
Single male, very eager to please and tantalise. Probably too much, as women will walk all over them. Always looking for the perfect partner to settle down with. Has had their heart broken more than once, making them slightly insecure and looking for the security of a relationship. Attracted to strong women who take control.

Carrot and Cream Cheese
Older man, possibly going through a mid-life crises looking to relive his youth and the trappings of fast cars and loose women. Almost a Del Boy type character – trying desperately to fit in with new social circles, younger movers… but not quite there!

Red Velvet
A cub looking for a cougar, desperate for the love, affection and experience of an older woman.  No hangs-ups on age, in it for the ride. Possibly long term!

Baileys with Mascarpone
My personal favourite cupcake to make and have… very rare! A man who is prepared to go all out to keep you on the pedestal you deserve. Will wine, dine, and fly you to exotic locations or romantic getaways.  Always tries to impress, quite intellectual and can charm you with his both his mind and body. Well groomed, smells, looks and tastes divine. Every woman wants to be with him.

So there you have it, my recipe for men and cupcakes. Warning though… both are heavily calorific and can be highly addictive!

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Sharon Yull is an academic, researcher, business consultant and published author of over twenty business and computing books and publications.She is qualified with a BSc, MSc, HND in Business and Finance, PGCE, Fellow of the Institute for Learning and also an Associate of the Assessors Institute. Sharon enjoys reading, swimming, outdoor pursuits, theatre, music and travelling. She is an inherent romantic always there to offer support, guidance and a shoulder to cry or laugh on.
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