Meat Meal Back on the Menu

Thierry Clerc, clinical homeopath and nutritionist, asks the question: “do you trust the authorities to keep your food safe?”


In the middle of the horse-meat crisis, the European Union has decided to re-allow the use of meat and bone extracts to feed animals destined for human consumption, a practice that has been banned since the mad cow diseases of the 1990’s. The new practice will be implemented this year for fish, and will be introduced to pork and chickens in 2014.

The health authorities have put some safeguards: only “safe animals” (ie: not sick animals) will be used. Also, one species will not be fed with meat from the same species (so chicken will be fed from pork or fish, but not from other chickens). Finally, they have confirmed that a robust “labelling and tracking” programme will ensure that the system is safe.

Given the sensitivity of the issue, the EU has allowed each government to accept/refuse this practice, and it is a pity that in the UK, this news has not been covered in the mainstream media while the rest of the EU is up in arms. France and the Nordic countries have already expressed that they will probably not allow such practice in their farming industry.

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