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The rise of the internet and the tremendous increase in people able to access it at home has changed the way social interaction takes place. In particular, this is the case with social gaming, which now takes part mostly in the younger generations. Rather than playing board games, our youngsters are now getting increasingly connected and spend a huge amount of time on the internet, connecting not only to their friends, but also to unknown people over the internet.


People used to head out to the village or the city centre to bingo halls in order to make social connections. Of course, these social gaming events still occur and make for a great night out, but the ease and variety of online gaming is very attractive. The social aspect can still be covered as many sites  provide chat rooms in which players can interact. Another major advantage is that there is no need to turn out on a cold and wet evening to be able to enjoy a game. This allows users to play online in the comfort of their own home, virtually at any time of the day or whatever the weather might be like.

Social media

Facebook, has contributed vastly to the success of social gaming. Games such as “Online Scrabble” or the simulation game “Farmville” allow players to connect with others in the real world to compete against them or to ask for help or to help them. These types of games offer opportunities for social interaction online that can be taken into real life, where actual new friendships can develop. This adds an entire new dimension to the online world.

It is needless to say that social gaming is highly accessible as games can be played on laptops, desktop computers, phones and tablets. Popular games such as bingo, available at “Landmarkbingo”, for example, are easy to play and very straightforward. Initially, the range of choices may appear to be bewildering. However, more and more people find the online world of puzzle games,free card games, sports simulations,fun gambling and word games to be a fantastic way to keep the mind active. Social gamers used to be conceived as being loners, but recent research points towards the facts that online gaming expands the social lives of players.

Popular Games

Scrabble is based on the board game and pits players against each other to get the highest score from making words from a set of seven letters. As with the vast majority of these games, players come from all over the world, so friendships can be developed with people in many other countries.

Massively muli-tplayer online role-playing games – such as World of Warcraft and Second Life have proven to be extremely popular. Players enter a fantasy world and develop a character that interacts with the world and with other people’s characters, often completing quests in groups to earn experience points.

Also, you should give a try for bingo at landmarkbingo, which not only opens up opportunities to make new friends but also offers the possibility of winning money — an attractive way of having gaming fun and also get the finances of your wallet straight!

Get involved and give it a try. Online gaming might revolutionise the way you interact with your friends.

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