Magic in the Moolight

Magic in the Moonlight
Magic in the Moonlight was an okay film. The plot was simple enough and it started very well. A family close ranks when they believe a girl who’s getting closer through a family member might be passing herself off as a clairvoyant but is actually a fraud.

Colin Firth plays Stanley, who’s revealed fakers before as he also has a stage persona magician Wei Long So. So he knows the tricks of the trade. Is the girl Sophie (Emma Stone – The Amazing Spiderman 1&2) all that she appears? Does she have any special gifts?
Brice Catledges (Hamish Link later – Fantastic 4) is head over heels about her.

But his family think Brice is being taken for a ride. It’s imperative that Stanley finds out the truth. However the more he spends time with Sophie, the more Stanley likes her. More and more he becomes convinced that she has a special gift. And then he realises he has fallen for her.

Then the film turns tail, with his aunt’s car crash, which makes him disown the supernatural inkling he has had. Whilst Sophie is found to be in league with his rival Howard!

What started off as a charming film became somewhat lost and disjointed. Colin Firth was great but even he could not save this offering once it went off the track. It would have been nice if Sophie actually had a gift. But the film world never does anything different. No, she has to be a fraud. And Stanley battles whether to expose her or forgive her.

I think the script suffered because, for me, it was like it was written by two different people. So one part was the meeting of Sophie and believing she was real etc. Then suddenly she’s not and the second half was very different in tone to the first.

The thing I did like was the scenery, there was some great footage particularly when Stanley took Sophie to see his aunt. But great scenery can only do so much.

Emma Stone did well with the role of Sophie, but it wasn’t her best role. The other members were okay and maybe this didn’t help the film either. OK won’t win Oscars.

So I will give this 5/10. Not the worst I’ve seen but far too predictable with no dazzle or shine to sustain it. Maybe this might work as a Sunday night film but if this was a DVD I’d wait till it was on sale £3!

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