Laying Out Your Itinerary for Your Dream Vacation

You may have saved and planned for months or years for your upcoming vacation. Why put the opportunity to make memories at risk by not knowing what you want to do once you arrive to your destination.

Whether you are traveling on your own or taking part in a group adventure like those available through Northern Italy tours, European travel clubs, or other organized getaway packages, you want to have some idea of places and sites to visit once you arrive. You can do your research now and lay out an itinerary that will ensure you hit all of the best sightseeing, culinary, and other points of interest during your vacation.
Cities to Visit

Northern Italy is unique in its culture, geographic beauty, and cuisine. The cities in this part of the country vary greatly from cities that are located in Central and Southern Italy.

As you prepare to visit this part of the country, you may wonder what cities you should stop in during your adventures. You may be encouraged to explore Bologna. Bologna is well-known for its gourmet culinary scene and top notch universities that are home to some of the world’s foremost works of history and literature. The city offers dozens of quaint sidewalk cafes where you can sample authentic pasta and locally crafted wine and beers.

You also may visit Modena, which is not far from Bologna. Modena is home to numerous museums and car factories where famous vehicles like the Ferrari are made. It is also the epicenter of Europe’s Romantic Art scene. You are encouraged to visit the art museums as well as the local restaurants, galleries, and more to experience the authentic Modena culture.

Other cities that you can visit in this part of Italy include Terra di Brisighella and Cesenatico. Both of these Italian villages offer cafes, museums, galleries, concert venues, and much more that allow you to soak in the flavor and culture of this part of the country.
Accommodations to Reserve

When you visit any part of Europe, you are faced with numerous possibilities of where to stay during your vacation. You can stay in global chain hotels like the Hilton or the Marriott. You also can stay in local hotels or bed and breakfasts.

If you are part of an organized tour, you may not have as much choice of where to book your accommodations. The tour may take care of the reservations for you or insist that you stay with the rest of the group in a global hotel chain.

However, if you are given some leeway in where to stay, you may give a local bed and breakfast a try. These accommodations let you experience the culture of the country up close and personal. You may be treated to homemade meals made with locally grown ingredients. You also get to interact with people who are native to Italy and may be eager to learn about you as an international visitor.

If you are not comfortable interacting with locals, you may find staying in a global chain hotel more to your liking. You can be assured that everyone who works there speaks conversational English. You also may find the room fares to be cheaper.

Still, if you want an adventure to remember, you may try stepping out of your comfort zone and booking a stay in an Italian hotel or bed and breakfast. You can make your stay there more enjoyable by brushing up on basic Italian before you leave.

You are encouraged to learn the proper words for basic courtesies like “please,” “thank you,” “excuse me,” “hello,” and “goodbye.” Your efforts to show respect to their culture and language may be appreciated. You also will leave a better impression with your hosts if you attempt to speak to them in Italian.
Setting an itinerary before you leave for your vacation could help you enjoy a more relaxing, worry-free, and memorable time overseas. You can check out cities to visit and also what sites in the villages to explore. You likewise may want to choose the best accommodations that will let you soak in the culture yet make you feel most at home while you are abroad.

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