Kickstarting Your Fitness Journey In 2019

There’s no better time than the start of a new year to make a commitment to fitness. Whether you’re making the decision to start running for the first time or getting back into a regime after a lapsed period, the feeling of completing that first run is exhilarating (and exhausting, of course). If you have made this decision, congratulations – you’ve taken the first step to a healthier life.

Of course, you might still need some encouragement, or you might not know where to start now that you’ve decided to become fit this year. Well, fret not – we have some tips for you. Here are just some of the ways you can kickstart your fitness journey in 2019.

Get a gym membership

It sounds obvious, but some people try running outdoors before realising it’s not for them and thinking that all fitness routines just won’t work for them. The truth is that exercise works in different ways for different people, and some just struggle with running outdoors. Gym memberships can be had for very little these days, especially if you opt for a chain like The Gym or PureGym. These companies offer low-cost memberships with regular discounts and offers, so keep an eye on their sites if you can’t quite manage it now. Need a little cash injection for your first gym payment? Why not consider personal loans from trustworthy providers? Nothing should get in the way of your fitness, so don’t let a little thing like money bog you down.

Get equipped with the right apps

There’s a whole suite of smartphone apps out there designed specifically to help you get fit. Our personal favourites include MyFitnessPal (Android / iOS), which allows you to track your calorie intake by inputting the food you’ve eaten (their database is astonishingly large, so the chances are your food will be on there) as well as syncing up with a large number of popular fitness trackers. We also love the Nike Training Club (Android / iOS), which offers bespoke workouts from celebrities like Serena Williams and Cristiano Ronaldo, as well as Strava (Android / iOS), which is great for outdoor running buffs. Even if you don’t want anything more complicated than a step tracker, you’re well-covered with apps like Pacer Pedometer (Android / iOS) and Samsung Health (Android / iOS).

Push past the first week

The first week of your exercise journey is bound to feel a little difficult. You need to stick with it and persevere if you’re going to see results, but it’s natural to feel a little disheartened if you don’t feel like you’re getting anywhere. The fact is that it’s sometimes difficult to see results in the first week or even two weeks of getting started, especially if your routine isn’t particularly drastic or difficult. Don’t worry, though; before long you’ll pick up the pace, especially if you’re using an app to help you with your workouts, and you’ll start to see yourself losing weight.

Don’t overdo it

When you’re first starting out as a fitness junkie, the temptation is to completely overdo it and work out far more than you should. That’s not just a bad idea, it can actively harm your body. We’re not saying take it easy – exercise is only effective if you manage to push yourself out of your comfort zone – but there’s a sweet spot between not trying at all and trying way too hard. If you want to see results from your exercise regime, you need to be at just the right level. If you feel faint, short of breath (significantly) or like you’re feeling pain that isn’t just normal stitch, you need to stop immediately. Take a break and see if you’re feeling up to getting back on the wagon. If not, there’s no shame in simply stopping and coming back to it another day.

Have fun

There are so many different ways to exercise that there’s bound to be one that floats your boat. Don’t feel you have to run on a treadmill because that’s what you’ve seen your friends, family or favourite athlete do; this might just not be the exercise for you, and that’s absolutely fine. If you prefer the elliptical trainer to the treadmill, then go use that, and if you prefer weight training and light cardio to anything else then make that your main workout. It is a good idea to balance resistance training with cardio, simply because that leads to a more holistic workout, but of course that depends entirely on your goals. Work out in a way that works for you, and don’t let anyone else tell you what you should and shouldn’t be doing if it just doesn’t feel right.

We hope these tips help you get started on the road to fitness in 2019. Did we miss anything? Let us know!

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