Karma – Good, Bad or Indifferent?

karmaWhat goes around comes around, what you do to others will so be done to you – walk a mile in somebody else’s shoes.  All of these sayings, anecdotes, and warnings whatever you want to call them for me are all linked to karma.

I strongly believe much to the disdain of friends and loved ones that ‘everything happens for a reason’, and I think that I have advocated this before in a previous article.  For me also, good and bad karma are influenced by your actions and reactions.  I think I remember saying that I went through a period of bad karma for about two months in December and January this year for something I did rather shamefully at a gig in Prague in November.  (Nothing illegal I might add, just out of character for me).  Within 24 hours of this event it started, the bad karma ascended and it never strikes me directly, just those around me that I care about which actually hits me harder.

So bad karma, I do something bad it comes back to bite me on the ass …..Lesson learnt – you would think!  However, I have to say I categorically cannot be good all the time and although I still believe that there are direct and indirect consequences of my actions – sometimes I just take the risk and wait for the degree of punishment or the severity of the bad karma. I have been told that this is quite a harsh outlook on life and that bad karma cannot be evoked by an individual’s actions – but my life, my rule book I guess!

So good karma, I have to say that my life is more balanced in favour of good karma than bad.  I am not sure how the reward system works yet for good karma. What classes as points towards a gold star? But I have to say my belief in this, similar to you will get your reward in heaven, has indeed made me scrutinise my daily actions more.  Not to the point where I am helping every pensioner across the road, but just being more aware of my environment and how I treat people.

Good karma for me works on two levels – firstly it’s how I feel at a particular moment in time or over a sustained period. If I am motivated, positive, happy and secure and my general well-being is all tickety-boo then I feel that it is the influence of good karma.  On another level, and it’s almost like when you really wish for something and it comes true (maybe not quite in the way you expected but it works out) to me also that is the force of good karma at work.

I always have this belief and I think it keeps me going, that when  life is constantly draining you of the will to look forward, be hopeful , keep your pecker up, that something, some influence, energy – karma is there waiting for the opportune moment to  instigate a change.  Yes I know it might sound like complete crap to some of you reading this, but it’s my crap and if even one person thinks or feel the same, then hooray there are two loonies waiting for admission to the padded cell in this world.

Ok the indifferent part ….for those who do not believe in karma, let alone good or bad energies you have nothing to lose.  You don’t believe you don’t care so just indulge me with a little experiment.

What does it cost to change your outlook on life for just 24 hours?  24 hours that’s all I’m asking -well probably less than that because you’ll need to sleep at some point!

The experiment, or your mission if you choose to accept (did you then hum the Mission Impossible theme tune like me – bet you did!) is to wake up and the first thing you do is smile and keep smiling all day, smile at people in the street, on the bus, on your way into work, when you are out shopping or socialising, whatever you do just fill your body with happy little endorphins.  If you can, also try to dispel any negative or worrying thoughts just for the experiment and concentrate on the positives.  Pre-empted your next thought, you don’t have anything to be positive about! Fine well you just keep thinking that, and then think about families torn apart in war-torn Syria, children working in sweat shops and in cotton fields full of pesticides, living in a country with no access to clean water or no home.  Think about girls and women being subjected to oppression, violence and those with the prospect of no education or becoming a childhood bride.

Now tell me you cannot find any positives in your life – at least we have a choice!

So for me just try and think positive thoughts and smile for 24 hours, yes even at people you would gladly like to tar and feather (no bad karma please!) and see what happens?  I suspect if you’re not used to being positive and smiling then you will be totally exhausted by the end of the day.  But, also think about this catalyst you have created.  If you smile at somebody or greet them, the chances are they will reciprocate and then they will then pass on this experience to somebody else. So your one action in the course of 24 hours might have impacted on tens or even hundreds of people.

The point being, hmmmm! The point being  – to see if one small change that costs nothing, can indeed make you feel more positive, confident and/or better about yourself (good karma).  Also just remember that maybe, just maybe your negative impact on life or actions could create negative energies (bad karma).

I can’t prove or dis-prove my theory but you know what? I must be doing something right because at the moment I have good karma oozing out of every orifice  in my life because I am one very happy little bunny.

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