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Jurassic World is the fourth movie in the Jurassic Park franchise. The dinosaurs are back and some the humans are still making bad choices when it comes to handling them!

Someone has built upon what John Hammond started and made an actual theme park full of dinosaurs. Isla Nublar gets a remake and now sports a fully fledged paying resort. You can go on rides, see the dinosaurs and buy lots of merchandise. The hotel rooms aren’t bad either!

However tickets sales dip every few years, so the park now and again makes a genetic hybrid to boost interest. One such hybrid is called the Indominus Rex – unbeatable king. It’s based on T-Rex but has other dinosaur genomes to make it bigger, badder and scarier.

Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard – Twilight Eclipse) is the manager with the job of making the Indominus Rex a successful venture. She reluctantly agrees to ask Owen Grady (Chris Pratt – Guardians of the Galaxy) to look over the holding pen to ensure its safe for the public.

Interest picks up as a result of the prospect of what the Indomius Rex could do but this is one dinosaur who doesn’t simply want to be an attraction. As its intelligence is boosted the park management find themselves up against a cunning adversary.

I did really like the film, but for me there was no real comedy moments. It was fast paced just like Jurassic Park 3 but I felt the majority of characters didn’t bond because of the pace. I loved the two leads. The kids were okay but very stereotyped. (The standoffish teen and the hyper child.)

The owner was underused and I think they missed out on some great funny moments with him. His terrible helicopter skills were not so visual, so the ‘terror’ the people in the cabin showed felt forced.

The Mosasaurus is the new star, it was huge and is part of some great scenes. The CGI is outstanding, you can believe these animals are real. The regular dinosaurs feature as well, such as T-Rex, velociraptors and triceratops. There’s some excellent scenes with the pterosaurs.

Jake Johnson (New Girl, Let’s be Cops) plays a computer geek which was a bit of an odd piece of casting and he came across as ‘put there’.

Chris Pratt must win some kind of award, as a the ‘velociraptor whisperer’ or something. There are some excellent scenes with him handling these beasts.

I did miss Dr Alan Grant and Dr Ian Malcolm though, I would love a movie where both of them featured again, pitting their egos against each other! Only Dr Wu was present from the first Jurassic Park.

7/10 from me. A good action movie with nice touches but lacking that oomph to make it one of the greats.

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