It is Immoral to Stop People from Medical Marijuana Use

People suffering from different types of pain and illnesses clamour for the legalisation of medical marijuana. These people won’t advocate for it if they think there are other options out there. They have tried several forms of medications through the years, and they found medical marijuana to be effective.

Therefore, it makes no sense to be still debating about the legalisation of medical marijuana. Those who need it must be able to access it especially if it is their only resort to feel better. Besides, just because it is legal does not mean everyone will start smoking the following day.

It is inconvenient

Patients who have a chronic illness and have access to medical marijuana can only use it in specific areas because it is not legal in another place. It limits their movement and prevents them from having a normal life. When they leave their home without the medicine, they could end up with seizures and other medical issues. Therefore, a lot of them would rather stay home where they can have medical access.

Chronic pain is no joke

While people who have no idea what it means to suffer from chronic pain keep advocating against legalising medical marijuana, those who do are already bearing extreme pain. Those who have no access at all have no choice but to suffer the pain because they might go to prison for using cannabis or cannabis related products.

No one deserves this pain

Several people can attest to how effective medical marijuana is, and how it changes lives. They lived a healthy, pain-free life after smoking pot, or using products like CBD oil. They no longer suffer from seizures. They can sleep well at night. They don’t stop themselves from travelling because they know they can get instant help from their medicine.

If these people want to use marijuana to help improve their condition, why would society stop them from experiencing such relief?

Recreational marijuana is a different issue

Some people fear that legalising medical marijuana could also lead to the legalisation of recreational marijuana. Although some places have proved that legalising recreational marijuana does not necessarily have adverse effects, it can be a debate for another day. For now, it is crucial to immediately legalise all forms of medical marijuana to help treat people with diseases.

Keep on fighting

If you are a patient who currently suffers from chronic pain or you are a believer in medical marijuana legalisation, you need to keep on fighting. Don’t give up because society will eventually move forward. Several issues have not progressed over the years because people with conservative mentality keep stopping them. However, the majority have seen the benefits of legalisation and changed their mind. Soon, medical marijuana will no longer be a debate, because they will see its value, especially among people who have no one to help them.

You can take a look at CBD products UK retailers supply that you can buy online. They are legal products that you can have access to, even if it is still generally illegal to use medical marijuana in the UK.


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