Is Poetry the Real Food of Love?

Isn’t it funny how different buttons pressed at the right time can trigger the most imaginative and erotic experiences?

Recently I was introduced to the Iranian poet, Rumi,  and up until that point my encounters of this nature extended only to English Romantics.

I will always remember my interpretation of ‘Ode to a Grecian Urn’ Keats (1819), and the idea of being idolised and placed on a pedestal, which although nice, is not going to happen in reality.

Poems about love especially tended to make me want to hurl into the nearest paper bag because they never reflected who I was and what I wanted, an imaginary place of hearts and flowers. Keats to me just represented words on paper; it didn’t evoke anything deep inside.  Rumi however, has opened my mind and as a quixotic type of girl touched my soul.

So the purpose of my article this week is to inspire you, reach into the depths of every emotion that drives your senses and make you tingle. Hopefully encouraging you to share and be more open.

If your mind never experiences new things, encounters, interludes how can you ever grow into a person that embraces passion? How can you explore the very boundaries of your being, your likes, dislikes, sexuality if you never even open your eyes?

I could go down this pathway of Fifty Shades and why only now some women have thrown away the shackles that have restrained their inner most desires for years, maybe even a lifetime and are willing to try. One book or a series of books has revolutionised in many ways woman-kind and thankfully mankind as they are now the receivers of this unleashed passion.

I also vividly remember, Carrie in Sex in the City when Big had been writing to her every day locked away in her inbox poems of love – I cried.

Books, readings, transcripts, poetry; they rarely discriminate or judge you by your class, race, age, culture or religion. Their purpose to inform, challenge, create awareness, inspire and even excite you – blow your mind, full-on love affair type excitement.

In my opinion, and it is just an opinion they are there to shape you into the person you are or want to be.

What you need to ask yourself is, deep down what do you want to be? Do you want to be set free, do you want your mind, body and soul to be caressed, undressed and stripped naked?

If the answer is yes, then I suggest you start with one simple reading a poem, not necessarily by Rumi but I would recommend and start on this journey of discovery.  Read to your partner and see their reaction, they might laugh or cry, you might end up making passionate love but at least you have evoked an emotion and that is quite powerful. If you can’t say it face to face, send them a text, put it in an email or leave a post or Twitter… just do it!

Just open yourself up to something new and become the person you want to be… life is so short and so precious, so go experience it and then come back to me and share.

“Love’s radiant oil never stops searching for a lamp in which to burn” – Rumi (Interpret and act out as you will!)

To the men out there and you might be the most unromantic male on this universe but  just send the poem below or better still run a hot bath, place candles round the edge, sprinkle a few rose petals in the water, pour a glass of wine or champagne and place it on the side, have the towel ready and write this down in a note and leave it propped against the glass.

“By day I praised you and never knew it. By night I stayed with you and never knew it. I always thought that I was me – but no, I was you and never knew it.” – Rumi

You could end it with I love you, but those are usually the three hardest words to say) Oh! And as curious as I am, please don’t share the details of your evening with me following your act of selflessness… I can guess!

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Sharon Yull is an academic, researcher, business consultant and published author of over twenty business and computing books and publications.She is qualified with a BSc, MSc, HND in Business and Finance, PGCE, Fellow of the Institute for Learning and also an Associate of the Assessors Institute. Sharon enjoys reading, swimming, outdoor pursuits, theatre, music and travelling. She is an inherent romantic always there to offer support, guidance and a shoulder to cry or laugh on.
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