Is It OK to Recycle Your Wardrobe?

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Thank you for your question. When I first read your question it was slightly misleading as I thought you were referring to donating your clothes to charity. Although this was not what you were getting at I stress to your and other readers that if you are worried about wearing the same item of clothing on more than one occasion, there are many worthwhile charities that would happily accept donations. In the event this would pinch your pocket too much there is always the likes of eBay to resell your items as long as you follow their policies and classify the items as old or worn.

However as I reached the end of your question it became more apparent that your concern was more about peer pressure and what your friends at college would think of you for wearing the same outfit.

My advice to you is two-fold:-

1. It is a dangerous game especially from a young age to succumb to peer pressure. It is better to be a leader rather than a follower even if you have to make your own path and walk it alone. All schools have the popular girl who taunts others for wearing the same Alice band, shoes, jacket etc. but she’s just a big fish in a little pond. If you were to take her out of her comfort zone she would be nothing more than a little fish in a big pond. What you describe in your penultimate paragraph is very close to bullying and I would suggest that as you say you can’t speak to your parents about this that you at least seek comfort from the school counsellor.

2. On a purely fashion basis, celebrities have now made it perfectly acceptable to reuse handbags, shoes, leather trousers, shoes etc. and not worried about the paparazzi snapping them more than once in outfits that they like. In fact the latest demonstration of this was none other than the Duchess of Cambridge who only this month revamped one of her dresses that had been in her wardrobe for approximately four years and she looked stunning as usual. In addition she has a penchant for hats and wore the same one twice this month alone even though she has many to choose from. If that’s not enough to put your mind at rest she has also been spotted wearing her Jane Troughton coat on more than one occasion and the public still adore her.The Duchess of Cambridge, or K-Middy as many like to call her, has clearly paved the way for you to wear what you want when you want.

Good luck in wearing the same favourite outfits and gaining the courage to stand up to the bullies. If you want to be even more on trend accessorize with gold chunky jewellery and a dazzling smile.

I hope this answer has been of help to you. Please do feel free to comment further below and I also look forward to hearing comments from anyone going through a similar situation.

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