Instant Inspiration. How do You Get it?

This morning I woke up wondering what my day would bring. I had no particular plan for the day. I just decided to put on Facebook that I had decided to have an incredible day. I had no idea how, I just put it out there.

It was a lovely day so I went out for a walk in the park, which I do most days when I’m at home in St Albans. Within minutes I found a pound coin on my path. This has never happened before on my walk. I saw it as a lucky sign. I picked it up and decided to make a couple of phone calls that I had been putting off for way too long…

After filming this I was approached by somebody asking for my services, completely out of the blue. How does it get any better than this?

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About Adam Shaw

Adam Shaw grew up within the grounds of a Psychiatric Hospital, where his parents worked and lived. Since commencing his own career as a health professional in 1992, he has qualified in several fields of health, including nursing, Reiki, NLP, Hypnosis and Vortex Healing. During his career he has worked with thousands of people with health challenges, journeying into the deeper-rooted realms of wellness. He has now created The Secrets of a Cardiac Nurse - The Prescription Doctors Don't Give, a step-by-step guide to better health and wellbeing and now shares his learnings through writing, speaking and events. He provides on-line resources via his website Follow Adam on Twitter @adam_shaw
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