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As search engines continue to update their content preferences, maintaining the freshness factor of a website has become even more important and necessary.  A website with fresh and relevant content greatly improves its chances of appearing at high positions in the list of search results, leading to more users visiting the site.


Easy ways to improve website content

Improving the freshness factor of a website is easier than one might think, as the basic procedures of managing a website efficiently will usually result in fresh material being added and the website being updated on a regular basis.  These blog entries or informative articles may be written by the website owner, or may be provided by an outside firm or copywriter.  It is important that the content is well written, interesting and relevant to the site on which it is posted.  Hyperlinks to other pages on the site should also be included, as should links to other high quality sites that contain pertinent information.

When measuring the freshness of a site search engines look at how often it is updated, and how much is updated at a time.  Updating text on the website, usually by partially rewriting it, should be done at least once a month.  If daily updates are possible, that is even better.  Maintaining a daily or weekly blog on the website, as well as bringing over posts from social media sites, will help to keep the website high up in the freshness rankings.

Expanding a website by adding new pages of information and content will also help to increase the freshness score, boosting it in the search engine rankings.  Search engines also look at the number of pages a website has when determining the relevance, importance and usefulness of the website.  The higher the number of pages, the more important the site is deemed to be.  Blogging can be useful in this regard as well, because each blog post that is added will count as a new page of content.

Keeping the content on the website up to date and as engaging as possible also influences the amount of time that visitors stay on the site; another important factor that search engines take into account when determining freshness.  If a site gets a large number of visitors, search engines will take note and raise its ranking accordingly. If those same visitors do not stay and explore the site for any length of time, then search engines will conclude that the site is not as fresh and interesting as other competing sites and will give them preference in the search results.

Using social media is yet another way that the freshness of a site can be improved.  Care should be taken when utilizing links, ‘likes’ and other social media measures to draw attention to the site because search engines have become aware of this tool and watch for excessive use and manipulation.

Benefits of fresh, engaging website content

Having a regular supply of fresh, high-quality content is the number one characteristic of a successful and high-ranking website. Not only does it increase the website’s ranking in the search engines, but it also increases the credibility of the website.  A steady supply of fresh, relevant content will increase user traffic to the website; they will keep checking in to see what the latest addition to the site may be.  Search engines will take note of the increase in traffic and bump the site even higher up the rankings, indexing new content more quickly and increasing traffic even more.  Social media may also increase traffic as users share content from the site on Facebook, Twitter or some other social media site, resulting in a popularity boost for the website.

Daily additions of relevant news articles to a website is also highly beneficial for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes.

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