Film Review: Ice Age 4

You should always remember the old adage, never judge a movie by its trailer! When I agreed to see this film I was excited as I love this type of animation. Shrek and Toy Story are among my favourites.

I’m one of those people who don’t need to need films in order. I saw Toy Story 2 first. Likewise I’ve been interested in this franchise but haven’t gotten around to viewing any of the previous films. (you know the thing most of us do – I’ll do it tomorrow) I will definitely get them now.
I’m an Ice Age fan. Wooo!

Some of the trailers made me tense as they cast the film as very one dimensional with as much thought to plots as a 90210 story. (Where you know what’s going to happen before the actors have even finished).

However the actual movie was far far better. In this edition Manny, Diego and Sid are separated from the group when the ground begins to split and tear apart! They are left adrift on an iceberg which they use like a ship. Great action begins as they battle to find a way home.

Scrat and his quest for the perfect acorn was amusing. He just cannot resist them at all. The adventure on the high seas was excellent and I loved how it all falls together, just like an well made cake.

Sid’s granny is just a hoot. Lots of character interaction and good dialogue. The voice talent alone was outstanding; Ray Romano and Jennifer Lopez to name but two of the astounding cast were brilliant. It all makes sense. Some jokes and gags you can see a mile off but they’re still funny. That’s down to the cast, who gel very well. (I wonder if they hung out afterwards or were in the studio together as usually they read lines by themselves.) There was a lot of warmth and emotion that made the digital characters more real.

A family movie with something for everyone.

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