I Dream and Think, Therefore I Am

Recently I came across the recordings of “Tabaluga”, a German children’s story by the pop star Peter Maffay. It is old now and probably not quite what children are listening to these days, but the central message is powerful and still holds.

Tabaluga is a small dragon who is making all sorts of mistakes and is looking for the things a small dragon would look for. He learns to fly, he learns about life, he falls in love as an adolescent and when he meets Nessaja, the ancient tortoise, he learns about growing up …

Nessaja speaks her mind and reminds the little dragon that growing up does not mean not to be a child anymore:

“I did not want to grow up. I always resisted. My skin became as hard as stone, but still, often I got hurt. Somewhere inside me I remained a child and only when I cannot feel it anymore I know it is too late, too late!”

“At the bottom of the sea where all life is mute forever I can still see my dreams like air ascending from the depth. Somewhere inside me I remained a child and only when I cannot feel it anymore I know it is too late, too late!”

I believe this metaphor is valid for everyone. Growing up does not mean to forget about one’s dreams. Often the naïve dreams of our childhood are the purest dreams you can have. Just because as adults we are “more responsible” does not mean that we are not still the same person inside.

When I was small I wanted to become a woodsman with a farm and never drive a car as it would be bad for the environment. I am a scientist now and do not share the same ideas but at heart the environment and nature are still important to me. This dream has now matured into something else but the roots of the thought are the same.

Often we forget about our dreams and don’t live them and come up with all sort of excuses as to why not live them.

But what is holding us back? Only we ourselves are, and if you look deep inside you, you may see your inner soul and the beauty that came into life at a very early age.

Somewhere inside me I remained a child and only when I cannot feel it anymore I know it is too late, too late!”

Look inside you and recover that spark. The spark that you had when you were young. The spark in your eyes which says “I am alive”. The spark that says “I dream, therefore I think and therefore I am”. This spark shines and can be seen at a long distance. You will see it in others once you have it inside you.

I Dream and Think, Therefore I Am.

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About Sebastian Müller

Sebastian Müller was born and raised in Leipzig/Germany and moved to England as an adolescent. He is a trained research chemist and geneticist and is currently working as a postdoctoral researcher at the Institut Curie in Paris/ France working in cancer research. He obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge and is still actively involved at the university today. He is fluent in English, German and French and has many fortés and interests including science, philosophy, linguistics, history, competitive sports such as rowing, fitness and nutrition. He is a freelance writer also drawing from his experience as an author in peer-reviewed scientific journals. "I love writing and putting my thoughts down on paper. The written word to me is one of the most powerful ways of conveying thoughts and initiating discussions."
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