Human Vibrational Energy and the Assemblage Point

Being human is a beautiful condition. It is what separates us from the void of emptiness and bestows a natural disposition towards seeking the light. In the language of Physics , the vacuum is the ‘grand state of all that is in the universe’. The vacuum is not empty, on the contrary, the vacuum spoken of by quantum physicists is filled with immense vibrational potentiality.

At heart we are all good. It is important to affirm this daily and never allow the demons of doubt, fear, negativity and hatred to blight your life since our waking consciousness is only a small portion of our actual real consciousness. Our deeper selves are often very different to our daily superficial selves.

Amanda Solk

Amanda Solk is a very special young lady who I would describe as a ‘light carrier’. This exceptional young woman has been for many years ‘opening’ people up to their assemblage point – the vortex of the human energy field. The (AP) Assemblage Point is the point in the body where as an embryo our life force is assembled. According to Amanda it is the seat of our human and spiritual life force and for us to function healthily it needs to be aligned in its optimum position which is in the centre of the chest, close to the heart. By exploring and understanding the origins and the potency of human forces, her concept is that we not only become much better able to cope with them but also gain a much deeper and more compassionate understanding of our own Soul and that of our neighbors.

The Greek word psyche translates in German to mean the ‘Soul’. In the Greek myth of Psyche there is an exploration and confrontation of the emotional underworld to retrieve special treasure (spirituality) before Psyche can attain her apotheosis and achieve transcendence.

Successful re-alignment of the Assemblage Point to its optimum position by Amanda’s skillful assistance can result in increased knowledge of the self and eventually even the universe as a living energy. Just as the body is subject to illness from excluded parts of the self, so society can be made sick and subject to violence from those whose pain causes them to lash out towards everything that excludes them. With war and violence on the rise in the world millions of us are struggling to just keep mind, body and soul together. Perhaps our knowledge of the world and matter can no longer just be derived from direct sensory experiences and requires a new way of seeing?

The discovery and the teachings of shifting the Assemblage Point developed out of the ancient mysterious sacred beliefs and practices of the Native American Indians and Shamanistic traditions. Jon Whale PhD a gifted electronics engineer was the one to rediscover the definite existence of the Assemblage Point, having been fascinated by its potential for healing for many years. With the aid of other doctors and physicists his biggest and most valuable find was that the Assemblage Point can be repositioned after suffering trauma and abuse, whether physical or mental. If our Assemblage Point is knocked out of position for whatever reason, we will only be operating on half our energy quota. This reduced quota can create such symptoms as; depression, panic attacks, stress, fatigue and general unhappiness. These self defeating, emotionally debilitating features can give rise to further problems such as lack of confidence and low self esteem, in turn creating a vicious circle.

The good news is that Amanda has received extensive professional training by Dr. Angela Blaen, Founder of The Assemblage Point Association and the first person to have the existence of her Assemblage Point scientifically proven by medical experts in 2000. The procedure itself takes over an hour and once undertaken needs to be revisited by regular 2-3 monthly checks to ensure stability of the Assemblage Point. The results are permanent and the benefits just amazing with clients repeatedly reporting a feeling of being grounded and centered. The centeredness offers individuals the liberating freedom to release pent up fears, grief, shock, guilt, hurt, rage and disappointment etc. The list is as endless and as varied as Amanda’s grateful clientele. More often than not, a greater personal peace is frequently experienced with the heightened attendant confidence and personal ability to ‘handle’ life. Negative emotions, various addictions and angry outbursts to name a few crippling conditions become a thing of the past and no longer control or influence the individual. When we start to make contact with our knowing selves we will begin to finally hear messages of our own profound inner truth and beauty. Thanks to Amanda Solk’s amazing talent and treatment perhaps we can all finally draw upon a cosmic reservoir of intelligent spiritual and universal power and no longer erroneously presume we are but a tiny drop in the ocean of life but rather instead to remember, we are the ocean.

If you would like help with repositioning your Assemblage Point you can contact Amanda in Huddersfield on: 01484 535371 or 0788 1665 909 or to find out more about her wonderful work visit her at and

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Pia is a trained Psychotherapist & Trainer who made her first media appearance in 1997 when she was invited by the Editor of the then cutting edge psychotherapy magazine’ Dialogue’ to submit an article dealing with health and emotional intelligence. She was at the time studying on Harley St under the eminent Clinical Psychologist Prof. Petruska Clarkson. Since then she has received acclaim as a regular professional guest on Yorkshire’s award winning Sunrise Radio, successfully interpreting dreams live on air to a captivating audience of over 60,000 listeners. Pia writes as a Features Writer for City Connect on Health & Beauty and Relationships as well as offering individual life coaching support to both individuals and companies.
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