How You Can Support Someone in Recovery Over the Holidays

While going through recovery for a substance abuse disorder can be difficult at any time of the year, the holiday season is notorious for being a particularly challenging and tempting time. Many people find it difficult to celebrate the holidays with their friends and family while continuing to abstain from substances that they have a history of abusing. The first thing that you should consider is whether that person is in need of more serious and intensive care, such as long term rehab centers in florida or other inpatient treatment options at this time. If your loved one is not getting inpatient treatment, then you will need to work extra hard to make sure that they are in a supportive environment. Luckily, with hard work and support from friends and loved ones, anyone can have hope for recovery.

The most important thing that you can do to help someone who is in recovery, at any time of year, is to learn as much as you can about the challenges of addiction as well as that of chemical dependence as well as the difference between the too. Different types of treatment programs for addiction are available for just about every variety of substance abuse issue and personal needs, so everyone can find a program that will work for them. You can learn more about recovery by joining support groups for family and friends of people with substance abuse disorders, whether these groups are in person or are online. All of these practices will make it easier for you to understand and to empathize with your friend and his or her struggles. When the holiday season approaches, you will be armed with a lot of information and a better understanding of the ideas around triggers and why this season may be particularly tough for people in recovery.

Obviously, when it comes to celebrating the holidays with someone who is in recovery, the best thing that you can do is to avoid having alcohol or drugs available to them. This can be difficult during some holiday parties and family get-togethers, where classic and traditional drinks often include alcohol. In that case, make sure that you at least offer non-alcoholic drink alternatives. You can really be helpful to your loved one by joining them in abstaining from any alcohol or drugs during the holidays. Your friend or loved one may feel lonely because of their decision to abstain from alcohol, and they may feel like they are missing out. Your joining them will provide an excellent show of support and camaraderie that may inspire them to keep improving themselves. Don’t feel like you have to completely protect your loved one from the reality of other people drinking, just provide a safe and comfortable place where they can relax without any intoxicants.

To make the most of the holidays, make sure that you create and practice meaningful rituals with your friend or loved one. This will help to replace any traditions that, in the past, may have been marked with drugs or alcohol. It will also help to keep the focus of the holidays on the spirit of the season and away from the focus on partying and celebrating with pals. If your loved one is religious, the holiday season is a good time to spend more time in their preferred house of worship. Everyone can agree on the value of volunteering during the holidays, too. That is not only a great way to celebrate the values of the holidays, but it is also a wonderful way to spend time with friends and build strong social ties, which can help people stay clean and sober. Furthermore, volunteering during the holidays, as well as throughout the entire year, helps people build up their self-esteem and adds value and purpose to their lives by helping others.

Finally, talk to your loved one and be willing to listen to their concerns. For many people, the holidays are more of a time of sadness than that of celebration. Check in with your loved ones often if they have suffered from depression in the past of if you think that there is a chance that they are dealing with it now. Holidays can also bring stress and anxiety for many people. For those in recovery, a little bit of love and support can make a huge difference during the holiday season.

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