How will my doctor know I’ve been to an After Hours clinic?

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Sometimes we are so caught up with life commitments that we find it impossible to book an appointment with our primary healthcare providers. In such a situation, most people turn to after hour clinics. A clinic like AfterHrsClinic is open 24-hours, and helps people that need medical care after normal medical working hours. While such clinics are popular, there is only one challenge that most people who visit them face, and that’s information transfer to the primary caregiver. That’s why on most platforms that touch on after-hours clinics, the most common question is, how will my doctor know I’ve been to an After Hours Clinic?

Well, the next time you visit an after hour’s clinic, this really shouldn’t be a big concern. That’s because, hospitals, after hours or otherwise, share information through electronic medical records. As such, when you visit such a clinic, your treatment report is sent to your doctor electronically. Your doctor will be aware of what treatment you received, why you received it, and how to continue with it. The interlinked nature of electronic health records means that you will always receive treatment in continuity, especially if you are dealing with a pre-existing condition where continuity in treatment is an essential step to the healing process.

But that’s not the only way that your doctor can know about your treatment at such a clinic. You may also choose to tell your doctor about it. In fact, for the sake of your health, you should feel obligated to tell your doctor about it. After visiting an after hour’s clinic, carry all the medication that you have received, and all the recommendations you have got to your doctor, next time you have an appointment. You may also choose to contact them via phone if they are a family doctor, and inform them about the visit. The doctor can then liaise with the after hour’s clinic and get updated on your condition. This is much faster than having to wait for your doctor to receive this information via electronic health records.

Clearly, getting information to your doctor about your visit to an after hour’s clinic is not that hard. The only reason why most people are usually concerned about it, is that, these clinics treat you without having prior background information about your health. As such, there is the fear that if the medication they give you contradicts what you usually receive from your primary caregiver, it might lead to complications. However, this fear is unfounded. Before a doctor at an after hour’s clinic decides to treat you, they ask you as many questions as possible about your medical history. They also inquire about the medication you may be using at the moment. The goal is to ensure that there is continuity.

As such, next time you are feeling unwell at odd hours of the night, don’t hesitate to visit such a clinic. There are no risks, provided you provide all the right information to your doctors. The worst mistake you can make is to lie to a doctor.

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