How To Unlock Additional Netflix Content With PureVPN Netflix

What Is PureVPN?

This is one of the top virtual private networks (VPNs) used to obtain anonymity when surfing the web. A VPN alters your IP address therefore making your online footprint impossible to find. It does this by rerouting your local IP address to an address generated online by the VPN. So when your servers make a request, the request appears to come from the generated IP address and not your original IP address.

Why Do You Need PureVPN Netflix?

In this age, Netflix is like an household name in most part of the world. The online video service company provide access to content that can be streamed online. But streaming video content online on Netflix is harmless, so why do you need PureVPN? Netflix restricts access to some contents based on your geographical location. This is part of the agreement they make with distributors in different part of the world. So, if you are currently in a part of the world where your access to your favourite show on Netflix is restricted, a VPN changes your location and helps you access the show.

Is Netflix At War With PureVPN?

Netflix isn’t only at war with PureVPN, the streaming service provider is clamping down on all VPN service. As a sign of compliance with the international content distribution rules and regulations, Netflix always attempt to block access to its contents through the use of VPNs. Commonly generated IP addresses are blocked by default. However, there are various ways to get access to Netflix content despite its use of VPN blockers. These blockers are not perfect and VPNs exploit their weaknesses.

How Do You Access Content On Netflix With PureVPN?

PureVPN can be used in any part of the world to access restricted content on Netflix. Despite the numerous blockers employed by Netflix, PureVPN has its ways of bypassing these blockers. There are numerous servers that the VPN runs on. Naturally, it connects to the fastest server when in use. However, this server is more liable to being blocked by Netflix. So, it is advisable to log in using a random server from a random location you choose. The chances of success are higher this way as Netflix VPN blockers might not notice the connection.

Netflix App or Web Browser?

If you are trying to gain access to restricted content using the application, it is an almost impossible task when using VPN. There is a DNS-based blocking system that basically restrict any VPN usage. There is no way around it as it is deployed around the software.

Your best shot is to try access through the web browser. The method described earlier can be easily implemented by using a web browser to access the Netflix site.

PureVPN Customer Support

If after employing the methods stated above, you are still having issues accessing restricted content on Netflix, simply contact the customer support. Your problem might be something you have no clue about. Get the best of the VPN’s service.

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