How to Tell Your Boyfriend He’s Receding

Adrian Fernand – Australia’s seriously stylish agony uncle and creator of – answers your questions on life, the universe and everything. This week, Adrian has advice on the best way to tackle that difficult conversation with your boyfriend about his receding hairline.

Dear Agony Uncle,

I love my boyfriend no matter what, but I have noticed that his hairline is slowly heading skywards. I’ve tried to find the right opportunity to mention it, but anytime I attempt to, he walks off in a huff. How do I tell my boyfriend that his hair receding?

Luscious Locks, Brisbane

Dear Luscious Locks,

It’s every man’s worst nightmare: suddenly waking up to be surrounded by a hairy halo on the pillow. The cruel prospect of male pattern baldness terrifies most men from their mid-twenties and into mature adult life, so when it rears it’s ugly chrome-domed head, you can hardly blame a gentleman for hitting the road. Historically speaking, there have been tonnes of hot-and-less-hirsute gentlemen: Yul Brynner; Sean Connery; Bruce Willis; Vin Diesel; Mr Sheen. These men (including the latter) ooze so much sex appeal they don’t even need hair for you to run your fingers through. In the case of Mr Sheen, he doesn’t even have to exist in real life to make you want to grab that can of magic white foam and writhe naked around on a perfectly polished leather sofa. Don’t judge me.

We live in an age of modern science, and although it’s a largely hereditary trait, many treatments exist to treat hair loss and its prevention. Have a chat to your hairdresser and see what they would recommend in the form of topical serums, shampoos and conditioners. Be warned: some can be expensive, but are a worthy investment it for future decades of hotness. A little white lie will help you broach it with your beau—purchase yourself a thickening shampoo and conditioner for yourself and one of each for him. Perhaps buy a brand where the majority of the label’s text is in French or Italian to steer him off the scent. Then tell him that you noticed that your hair wasn’t as full as normal and that maybe the water is to blame; wash, rinse, repeat… and wait for the result.

If you notice a difference, tell him immediately and he will be more likely to be persuaded by your proposition. Remember that men rarely want to discuss their hairline and if you can remain sympathetic and helpful, he will more likely to address the issue at hand… or at head, as it were.

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