How to Survive the Winter without Heating

Let’s get real, it is freezing outside and living without heating seems crazy. However, when your heating bills are through the roof, you may have no choice but to go without. Not only can heating during winter be extremely expensive it can also waste a lot of energy. Heating can fail for many reasons so if you ever find yourself without heating you obviously don’t want to freeze to death. Whether you rely on electric lines that may be down or you would just like to save your pennies these tips will benefit you this winter. These tips will help you save your money and energy.

Correct bedding

Invest in a set of flannel sheets and a good doona. Quality made doonas and flannel sheets will keep you nice and toasty all night long. They’re sometimes a little too warm making it hard to get up in the morning but that’s exactly what you want!

Insulate your home

You can insulate your home better by making sure you are shutting doors and windows completely. Then you can insulate with some towels by shoving them in any cracks. This will prevent any cold air finding its way inside. This works to block the wind and draft by ensuring all doors and windows are properly shut. Investing in some good insulated curtains are also a great idea. Curtains are not just for decoration, they can act as a barrier against the cold air.

Drink hot tea

Drinking something is scientifically proven to trigger your body’s need to warm up. Plus, there’s nothing better than some hot coco, coffee or tea to warm you up. If your prefer something a little more savory, cook up some delicious soup or stew as the perfect dinner replacement.

Cook with the oven

While this tip uses energy, if you’re going to use the oven do it at night or when you’re going to be at home. Cooking is a great way to heat up the air in your home, creating a nice and cosy house. Baking a cake or cooking dinner using the over will help heat the house up, just remember to insulate your home and shut the doors so the heat isn’t wasted.

Huddle up

We all know from the movies that body heat is a great way to warm up. It may not seem to make sense but removing layers of clothing and cuddling up with someone is a great way to warm each other up very quickly.


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